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Well, I have decided to write an Статья featuring my current вверх twenty classic movies. I have unusual tastes in some regards, so please don't flame me for those. My tastes in particular tend to be toward the early films made by Дисней himself. I just want to write this Статья so I could talk about my all-time Избранное classics!

#20- The лиса, фокс and the Hound

A really sad and bittersweet movie that has morals about society and also how friendship can survive in the toughest conditions. Still, I don't watch it that much because it is a real tearjerker...

#19- Mulan

I like this film in general because it empowers girls to do anything that boys can do. Мулан really stuns me about what she could do sometimes, and she is the type of character that can excite you. This film is great!

#18- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Probably the darkest of all Дисней films, the Hunchback of Notre Dame has plenty of morals about injustice and has one of the most complex villains of all. It also contains the kind-hearted but deformed Quasimodo and the principled gypsy Esmeralda. A good film to watch, but avoid it if Ты don't want to get depressed или moved.

#17- The Rescuers

Once again, another real tearjerker of a movie. The scenes of Penny at the orphanage are really touching. I don't watch this one too much either because it is also so sad...

#16- Oliver and Company

A nice film that if Ты ask me is quite underrated. This movie has both happy, upbeat elements (Dodger), but also features serious elements (Sykes). The Анимация isn't as nice here as in some of the other movies, but it is a fun movie.

#15- The Jungle Book

An upbeat, jolly film with a very bitersweet ending. This is an example of a film where the sidekicks do a lot of work to enhance the movie. This movie is very fun in general, but Shere Khan makes it scary in his parts.

#14- Aladdin

This film is generally a really nice film. Robin Williams sure does his job of the Genie well and really enhances it, and I Любовь all the Genie scenes. Аладдин is a very nice change from the usual Prince Charmings, as he is much еще than a waltzer dancing for love.

#13- Peter Pan

Peter Pan is the type of film that Ты want to watch when Ты are nostalgic. The film is fun to watch, and is good at stretching your imagination. Very good to watch when Ты feel upset about anything, as your emotions can fly after Ты watch it.

#12- The Aristocats

This film is enjoyable in the same way that Oliver and Company is, and if Ты ask me, this is the most underrated Дисней movie of all. The Aristocats is not one of the best classics out there if Ты ask me, but it is enjoyable and fun.

#11- Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a real coming of age story and it is interesting how Pinocchio turns from a immature little boy to saving his father and sacrificing his life for it. The film is very sad, but it is very beautiful too.
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 Who's that handsome guy?
Who's that handsome guy?
Hi everyone and welcome to my Статья where I'm going to say most of the things about me so Ты guys/gals can know me better.
My Origin
My name is Gergely Kristof Bela(though I prefer Chris),I'm a 14 and a half год old Hungarian boy born in the country of Romania in a town called Ghioroc.I live with my mother,grandparents and my great grandma,my dad lives separate in a neighboring town called Cuvin because he doesn't like my old folks.My dad works as a carpenter and my mom's a nurse in a hospital in a city called Arad.When my parents aren't home,I'm the ruler of my own kingdom(figuratively)...
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The 1930's is when the first Дисней movie came out...Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. I'm sure the people who could afford it rushed to the theatre to see it. Nowadays everybody has Дисней Channel. With shows like Dog with a Blog and I didn't do it, it makes Ты miss the good ole days. Remember when Дисней Channel had shows like Buzz Lightyear of звезда command and Kim Possible? I do and I miss those shows. Today, we watch shows like Austin and Ally that have to use dating to make a good show. But does dating really make a good show? Sure Kim possible had dating between Ron and Kim but they didn't...
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