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Donkey Is Donkey your Избранное Eddie Murphy character?

20 fans picked:
He's one of my favs
No I HATE Him!
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 cruella posted Больше года
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cruella picked He's one of my favs:
Mushu is my favorite but Donkey runs a close 2nd
posted Больше года.
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LisaForde picked Yes!:
OMG if he wasn't in Shrek it wouldn't be as funny. He made me laugh in all 3 . Did you see the part where him and Antonio were singing that song from Scooby Doo 2 Thank U for let me be myself again. So Feckin funny
posted Больше года.
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gyliane08 picked Yes!:
donkey is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!
posted Больше года.
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Sandfire_Paiger picked He's one of my favs:
posted Больше года.