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I think the reason that girls are attracted to him is bcause, he doesn't seem perfect like other characters from other shows do. I find his facial imperfections humanizing in some ways. Like his slightly crooked chin and his thin nose make him seem еще normal. Then we have his social graces. He can barely talk to people, and any girls he talks to just thinks he is a creeper. Those social flaws seem endearing and silly. And finally,we have his scientific mind. The main reason why men don't seem to like him as much is because they think he is a nerd. But women think that smart men are wonderful. Some women wish their husbands were jsut as smart as Dr. Reid. So, There is my theroy on why girls are so attracted to Dr. Reid.
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Okay so I wrote a fanfic and i was wondering if anyone wanted to read it... here's the first chapter and here's the link

Chapter One

Fallon Sawyer stood in line at the Starbucks every morning before heading off on a Болталка adventure; she never deviated from her routine as she was a very precise woman. She ordered her usual, and today for a treat bought a double chunk Шоколад chip cookie, for later of course. She waited patiently in line to receive her morning pick-me-up. She gazed aimlessly around the establishment. The walls...
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Chapter four - Left to die

As i lied in my hospital постель, кровати i heard people. People i didn't know. And one I did. I couldn't make out alot of the words but I heard the voices. I felt a hand on my cheek and I tryed to open my eyes. They opened slowly but I couldn't see for a minute. "Lily.." a voice said.
Reid was sitting beside me with tears running down his face. I reached up and wiped them and left my hand there. He let go of my cheek and was leaning in. Then I suddenly knew. he was going to Kiss me. I leaned in to and we both closed our eyes. Our lips touched slowly and his fingers Рапунцель - Запутанная история in my...
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