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 Spencer Reid
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dr: spencer reid
matthew gray guber
Доктор Спенсер Рид
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FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid

Played by Matthew Gray Gubler, Doctor Reid is a genius who graduated from a Las Vegas public high school at age 12. He is almost always introduced as Dr. Reid, even as the others are introduced as S.S.A. 'blank', he is never referred to the same way. In episode 4x08 it is revealed that he holds PhDs in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering, BAs in Psychology and Sociology, and is working on a BA in philosophy. In his youth, Reid's father abandoned the family when he couldn't tolerate his wife's paranoid schizophrenia. Reid once mentioned that...
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A fun Hotch/Reid video! This isn't for profit или anything. I don't own the footage или the song! My goal is to make a video of every criminal minds episode before the start of season 6! Follow my Видео at amijustcuriousorarrogant.blip.tv/
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dr spencer reid
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