dropkick murphys House of Blues not working with UNions

JimmyD9999 posted on Jan 29, 2009 at 01:13AM
WAS just wondering how Dropkick Murphys feel
about crossing a picket line at there concert
at House of blues march 12th 13th th IN Boston
with Boston being a strong Union Town and a
Member being a union Electrician???? And pissing
off the teamsters along with local 11 stage hands
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Больше года Local82Teamster said…
I hope that the Dropkick Murphy's realize that they have a huge blue collar fan base. I would hate to see what would happen if all the hardworking union members in Boston turned up the heat on them? I'm sure that a band with blue collar roots didn't do this intentionally, or will resolve the problem. I know a lot of union guys that like this band, but they need to do what is right and support the working class and unions.
Больше года MATeamster said…
As a hard working Teamster in Boston, it is appalling that a Local band, considering themselves a Boston "Neighborhood" Band could not support working Men and Women, and cross a picket line!
In this economy, many of us are just scratching by, hustling for a week's pay, and a Band with roots to a strong Unionized community just casts that aside.

To the Band of Dropkick Murphys: Who do you think is buying your CD's? We are! We support your Band/careers, you should support us!

Any Comments?
Больше года poguemahone said…
Hello Fellas, the band supports union labor and will do everything in there power to help resolve the situation between the teamsters/Stage hands and the House of Blues.
However it is important to remember that this fight is between the unions (who have the bands full support) and the House Of Blues.
Unfortunatley the band is not offered a seat at the negotiating table nor does House of Blues/Live Nation really take Dropkicks opinions or wishes into consideration when it comes to their long term plans.
THe band is doing everything in their power but remember the band and its fans who have already bought tickets (many who are union members) were unaware of this situation until very recently.
The Teamsters should realize this and realize that Dropkick Murphys are with them and will do anything they can to help but shouldn't be portrayed by people posting on here as part of the problem and shouldn't be used as a pawn in the situation

Больше года Bostonmusicfan said…
Local82Teamster: Hardworking stagehands turning up the heat? Nice threat. That ought to help things along...
JimmyD9999: Perhaps you should go back to school and learn the difference between there, their & they're.
Poguemahone: You make the most sense out of anybody else here.
To ALL of you: Since when do the Teamsters, or IATSE for that matter, work at restaurants and clubs in ANY city. That's what House of Blues is! A restaurant and a night club. What's next, Teamsters & IATSE at Bill's Bar. Or how 'bout the Middle East, or maybe Paradise. Oh, I know! McDonald's should call the teamsters every time they get a delivery! Come on guys, you're barking up the wrong tree here...
Больше года ineedcoffee said…
I would like to state this is a fan site operated by the fans not the band so you are not going to scare the band by posting here if anything you are just making the fans want to go see them more.
Больше года JimmyD9999 said…
To all those concerned about The Drop Kick Murphy's they have
been more than helpful to the Teamsters .And I want to thank them
for that Jimmy D
Больше года JimmyD9999 said…
Again I would like to thank all the Band Members of
Drop Kick Murphy's for there undrestanding in our
union matters