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~Easy come.Easy Go. That's just how Ты live ohh take take take it all but Ты never give~ I stood there in my room, me and Duncan got back together but it just doesn't feel right. He took a lot of my money but won't say thanks или give me something in return. ~Should've known. Ты was trouble from the first kiss.Had your eyes wide open.Why were they open?~ I remembered back on TDI when we had our first kiss.It just didn't feel right.Bridgette сказал(-а) she was watching and his eyes was open the whole time,well until the end of it.Everyone kept telling me he was trouble but i couldn't see through...
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(It all started after The Total Drama Series ended. Owen and Izzy, Harold and LeShawna got back together, Geoff plans to propose to Bridgette on a special day, Duncan broked up with Gwen when she was cheating on him with Trent but decided to stay Друзья with her, Trent and Gwen got back together and Courtney decided that she wanted to change. She ended her friendship with Alejandro after she knew he is lying, evil, spanish guy, and she started being еще nicer, she studies for her law career, she and Duncan got back together with no problems. Later, they are going steady and they started making...
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my pov.
ok so Ты know that i made a mistake and preassed Опубликовать with this so heres the last part again sorry for that ok enjoy!and yes this has SEXUAL CONTENT,YOU HAVE BEEN WARND!!

courtney's pov.

I was about to leave duncan but then he had grabed my wrist and pushed me up against my locker.
"duncan stop and leave me alone,i сказал(-а) trying to Переместить his hold.
"nop" сказал(-а) duncan pining me harder.
"if Ты don't let me leave then i wont help Ты with your math!,i сказал(-а) giveing a smirk.
"Alright fine,but not cuz i need help i can really care less about,but becaues i want Ты over at my parent free house to...
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