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my pov.
ok so Ты know that i made a mistake and preassed Опубликовать with this so heres the last part again sorry for that ok enjoy!and yes this has SEXUAL CONTENT,YOU HAVE BEEN WARND!!

courtney's pov.

I was about to leave duncan but then he had grabed my wrist and pushed me up against my locker.
"duncan stop and leave me alone,i сказал(-а) trying to Переместить his hold.
"nop" сказал(-а) duncan pining me harder.
"if Ты don't let me leave then i wont help Ты with your math!,i сказал(-а) giveing a smirk.
"Alright fine,but not cuz i need help i can really care less about,but becaues i want Ты over at my parent free house to...
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I woke up on a Friday, tired and cranky. I looked at my alarm clock, '6:30' it read. "I have to get going, damn frickin school..." I grunted as I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and left. I had gotten on the motorcycle my mother got for me for my 16th birthday, it had skull stickers on it, and was dark black, totally my dream bike. I had ridden to my girlfriend's, Courtney's house, knocked on her door, to have her dad in front of me, he never really liked me, but like i give a damn. "Duncan." сказал(-а) Courtney's dad. "Evan.." I сказал(-а) smirking. He looked like he was gonna kill me....
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Courtney (CITPrincess) is back! With Heather (AnimentalCosplayer)! (They've both won a Total Drama Хэллоуин contest for their Courtney and Heather cosplays.) This is a duo video they made together, which is AWESOME. :)
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