Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson I Любовь Your Movies- But Am So Disappointed Your Carrer Got In The Way Of Your Marrige-It Seemed Sound

dreamcatcher97 posted on May 25, 2010 at 12:02AM
i was quite taken aback today learning of your divorce-an interview a couple years ago seemed to indicate you were handling your movie career with grace and dignity. i dont know the grounds of the divorce but your last few movies have been all about you- as in the charater-toothfairy and gameplan.ok-first off your butt looks great in or out of a tu-tu
however of late even in your movies u have gotten really great in being self absorbed,"i can get better looking women then my wife" i am a stud etc. your movies promote a great person at the end- so sorry your personal image,for me, loses all concept due to divorce, reguardless of reasons of leaving your wife ( of which i am not aware of) this leaves you vunerable to attack and critisim of which u cant control. i actually looked up to you at one time- now you are in the MEL GIBSON catagory- think twice and care 10x more about the images u portray- otherwise you are nothing more then a mel gibson without prejiduce-he has 7 kids over 2 decades of marrige aned threw it out- please dwayne- you made it out of junk/fake tv fighting to a booming career in movies with alot of kids looking up to u- yor personal life is as dominant as your movie career-so who you gonna go to? think think think-you rock my world with your beautiful body ,winning smile and wonderful acting- thats fine and dandy- how about the real world? i am 53 been divorced for over 20 years ande have 2 children-i regret at times that other people got in my way and senses. take care you sexy thing you- but image image image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what u do affects others including little kids- so think before u blink and say goodbye/ screw u etc. your image is powerful to alot of younguns-both private and personal.

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