Edward Norton Don't i deserve ?

xBlakeslady posted on Jan 13, 2008 at 09:22PM
Okay people.
I'm not being selfish or anything.
But don't you think i deserve some props?
I think i have made Edward Norton very interesting,
with all the forums and the picks?

- SO PLEASE, give me some props (:

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Больше года tawanyh said…
yes,good job.
Больше года wd_zion said…
to be honest, i think it's really good work , and i can tell the you be spending some good time doing this, and now you tell me what is the real thing you like from this great and unique actor Edward Norton? what it's the thing to move you to do this? well tank you for sharing I love Edward Norton i think he is great human being, and a wonderful actor =D, later. w.i
Больше года MHeighton said…
Props!!! He is the hottest man alive!!
Больше года krazykatcg said…
Well, Im kinda new here. Like, this is my first day, but I think it looks really good. A lot of cool stuff on here. So are u like obsessed with him? I mean, I am. lol. So I wasnt like, making fun of you or anything. :)

Больше года Idislikeedward said…
I hate Edward Norton and everything he stands for. I joined this exclusively so that I might refute every single one of your worthless claims that he is even remotely talented. God, I hate him. If you want to discuss this further, then please email me at joseph.felton@gmail.com
I look forward to smashing all of your opinions into dust. Dont contact me here, I will never check this again. I just wanted to let you all know you are crazy for thinking such an idiot could ever be attractive. Or worth anything.


Joseph Manley Felton