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posted by sonamyshadrouge
Shadow: will u got 2 go 2 the hospital
Eizabella: i know
Shadow: than lets go
(at the hospital)

Eizabella: we there
Shadow: i know doctor is she ok?
doctor: yeah she have 2 stay here until 1 week
Shadow: ok bye Eizabella be безопасно, сейф (kiss her)
Eizabella: aww ok (hug him)
Shadow: and bye little baby (kiss Eizabella tummy)
Eizabella: (giggle) ok bye
Shadow: bye
(1 week latter)
Eizabella: SHADOW! (hug him)
Shadow: will is the beby come out yet?
Eizabella: No...
Shadow: ok id it a boy или girl?
Eizabella: girl
Shadow: and what u gonna call her?
Eizabella: Lisa Lisa will be a kute princess
Shadow: i know...
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posted by sonamyshadrouge
Eizabella: (wake up) wake up Shadow
Shadow: (wake up) Эй, baby (kiss her at the cheek)
Eizabella: (blush) Hey:D do u want something 2 eat?
Shadow: no thanx...Eizabella u r seating a lot
Eizabella: i know...i sweat like a milk..
Shadow: no u dont u sweat like a cute hot cheak
Eizabella: (gigle) thanx (blush) do u want 2 go 2 the beach?
Shadow: yeah
Eizabella: ok lets get really (were a black bikini)
Shadow: wow u look sexy!
Eizabella: aww thanx (kiss him at hte cheek) look i have 2 cars a black one and a blue one but im giving a black one 4 u ::D
Shadow: omg really thanx eizabella (kiss her)
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posted by sonamyshadrouge
Eizabella: Shadow can i ask u something?
SHadow: yeah
Eizabella: (hot розовый eye) well.........um
Shadow: will (blush)
Eizabella: Do u like me?
Shadow: (blush a lot) idk maybe
Eizabella: (touch shadow hand)
Shadow: (blushing a lot)ok the truth is i do like u
Eizabella: u do?
SHadow: yeah (well in Любовь but not like)
Eizabella: (kiss him at the cheek)
Shadow: (blush) But am a werehog
Eizabella: It dont matter
Shadow: What happen if i did not remember u?
Eizabella: Dont worry shadow i know u will remember this (kiss shadow)
Shadow: (blush) but do u have a bf Silver?
Eizabella: Dont worry about him to tell u the...
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Shadow: Эй,
Eizabella: Hey
Shadow: So what r u doing?
Eizabella: looking 4 moonlight
Shadow: Why?
Eizabella: Because i have a something 4 her
Shadow: What?
Eizabella: A dress duh?
Shadow: ok than (blush)
Eizabella: Why u blush?
Shadow: idk (blushing a lot)
Eizabell: (thinking) ok...
Moonlight: Эй, Shadow Эй, Eizabella
Eizabella: Эй, luna look 4 u (give the dress 2 luna)
Moonlight: omg that look so kute :D thanx Eizabella (hug her)
?: (grab Shadow)
Shadow: Eizabella! Help!
Eizabella: (running 2 shadow)
(shadow disaper)
Eizabella: Shadow! o no (sad)
Moonlight: so what u gonna do?
Eizabella: idk...
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posted by sonamyshadrouge
Eizabella: Эй, Shadow
Shadow: Эй, Eizabella
Eizabella: So what r u doing? (blush)
Shadow: (blush) nothing do u want 2 go 2 the пляж, пляжный
Eizabella: yeah shear
at the beach
Eizabella: is the nice they is it? (look at shadow)
Shadow: yeah..(look at Eizabella)
Eizabella/ shadow: (kissing
Jules: Эй, Shadow! (hug shadow)
Eizabella: (gold eye) um who r u?
Jules: jules the hedgehog why?
Eizabella: because u were hugging my husben
Jules: And?
Eizabella: And? u dont have 2 hug him (red eye)
Eizabella: is thrue shadow
Shadow: No....but dont fight...pleas
Jules: What...
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posted by sonamyshadrouge
Shadow: (hit at earth)
Eizabella: omg
Shadow: ow...(hide behind the rocks)
Eizabella: who r u?
Shadow: im Shadow who do u think i am?
Eizabella: No ur not (blue and red eyes) (scard)
Shadow: Wait Eizabella im shadow 4 real eggman tearn me in 2 a werehog thats a problem
Eizabella: o ok (hug him) im just glad ur ok :D
Shadow: i look way ugly
Eizabella: u look sexy plus u look way better than be4
Shadow: o really (blush)
Eizabella: yes really
Shadow: ok but dont tell any one ok promist
eizabella: i wont dont worry (stone glowing)
Shadow: ok
Eizabella: ok u just neeb 2 be careful if some one see Ты like this u know
Shadow: yeah can u hide me some were?
Eizabella: yeah
Shadow: ok
Eizabella: ok
(at Eizabella's house)
Eizabella: ok go up 2 my room ok if my Друзья r comming than hide 2 the basement ok
Shadow: ok
Eizabella: Now there is a hallowing party sleep over at my house when is 8:00pm go hide at the basement ok
Shadow: ok
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is a theam song from Eizabella ^^
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