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**•How To Make Skyrim Run Better On PS3!•**

Tired of the game-breaking lag with your 20meg Skyrim save files? Here is a guide to help prevent these issues:

1) "Deleting Excess Save Files"

•Go to "Save Data Utility" on the XMB & check how many Skyrim saves Ты have. If Ты have еще then three, Удалить them. Ты must only have three saves maximum. Also make sure to Удалить any "Auto-Saves."

2) "Freeing Up HDD Space"

•Check how many GBs Ты have left on your console. Go to "Settings," "System Setting" & then open "System Information." It will Показать Ты how many GBs Ты have used and...
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First off, I would like to say that I understand if Ты think Astrid’s a filthy traitor and liar, but please, hear me out.
Astrid is a strong character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She’s a bit creepy and mysterious, but I think she’s honestly еще of a victim than anything.
Astrid tells Ты in the game that she killed her uncle, and liked it. She is bloodthirsty, but I think there’s еще to this than what meets the eye.
She was probably abused and hurt by her uncle, and was terrified of him. When she finally got up the courage, she managed to get hold of a weapon and kill him, run...
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I'm doing the quest "A False Front" and i need to "Retrieve the Imperial Courier's Package". After Ты ask for the documents, he will become hostile, so stay with your back to a corner inside the Inn and if possible tie a rubber band around your controller so that it keeps the block button (Xbox:LT) pressed all the time. So he will continually strike Ты and increase your block skill. Ты won't DIE if you're strong enough (my Khajit had block skill 49 when i started this, and after 30 mins he had 58).
Obviously this can be done with any enemy, put this particular guy, named Imperial Courier, won't kill you!!
Also, OH MY GOD my block skill is 61 now and i'm less than one час doing this!! Also, turn on to the Master difficulty to acelerate the training!! Be careful not to get executed или anything so turn to Adept when you've Остаться в живых a lot of health. Run around the Inn and heal yourself with magic. THANKs. My block is 62 now.
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A video put together by James Skingley showcasing some of the best moments from Sips' Skyrim series.
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Best Destruction Gear:

Master Destruction Robes/Daedric Armor Of Peereless Destruction.

Daedric/Ebony/Dragon шлем of Pereless Destruction.

Hands: Ebony/Daedric/Dragon Gauntlets Of Extra Magic +21.

Feet: Ebony/Daedric Boots Of Resist Frost.

Other: ожерелье (-10 cost), Ring (-10 cost)

Standing Stones: Atronach Stone (+50 Magicka, absorb 50% spells, Magicka regens at -50%.)

Apprentice Stone: (Magicka regens 2x faster, but twice as vulnerable to spells.) *•But with armor that doesn't really matter!*•
**•How To Lower Save File Sizes In Skyrim•**

Are Ты getting bloated save files at 20-90 Megs? Is your precious Skyrim that you've spent 500+ hours slowing down? Don't worry! There's an easy but time-consuming solution to this!

•Unfavourite "favourite" items that you've left in chests and дана to followers.

•Dump any hoarded items from your house/s and some accumulating items that Ты give to followers in "re spawning items" such as: dead bandit bodies, giant's corpses или a container that Ты don't own. Eventually, these items will disappear from your save file after just a few in-game...
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