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where can i find a picture online of Elizabeth as Cleopatra with Simba the lion who starred with her in the movie?

i ask as i knew that my biological father had once been mauled by a lion (non-fatally) - as an adoptee i knew little еще - then yesterday fed his name and professsion into 'google news' and came across the fact that he had been mauled by Simba - on the Isle of Jersey in 1964 - the web ref is :

i take it that poor Simba probably landed up in the isle of jersey zoo after they finished making Cleopatra?? anyone know what came of Simba after this event ? - p.s. im not that interested re the father LOL.

 michaeldurban posted Больше года
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Sheena101 said:
Hello! I came upon your Вопрос and have a bit еще info. Simba lived on the ground floor of a privately owned Martello tower in Jersey and his owner (who played Ckeopatras bodyguard in the film) lived on the first floor. He was a big man who wore a safari suit and wide legged riding breeches. He used to say he could never bring anyone Главная as they'd have to walk through the lions cage! Simba mauled a photographer from the Jersey Evening Post through the bars -your father?? And was 'asked' to leave the island. My mother knew him from the dances and recalls watching Simba being driven onto the ferry in a trailer back to England. The explanation of the mauling the owner (cant remember his name) gave was that the photographer had failed to speak to Simba in the Urdu language and he didn't understand English!!

Best wishes, hope Ты get this

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posted Больше года 
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