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Man, the Gators are still losing.
" Will Ты please change the channel?!"
" Rosalie, will Ты chill? They could make a comeback." I said
" There's is two минуты left Emmett. How could they possibly win." Rosalie said.
I glared at her. We've been together for 105 years and she still doesnt get that I wont give her the remote till the game is over.
" Listen Rose. I wont be able to watch football, или any sport for that matter, for 3 days. We're going to freaking Italy."
" Oh, just suck it up." she replied.
" Why are Ты in such a pissy mood??"
" Because,i'm sick of watching sports!"
" Fine,...
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(Emmett's POV)

As the days of our vacation went by I watched my best friend fall in Любовь with my lil sister. Not only was Bella like my little sister, she was my go to girl the one I went to with all my problems. Tonight, we were going to a carnival and Alice had taken Bella hostage to get her ready for tonight. Jasper was sitting listening to his IPod and I was watching War of the Worlds, when I heard someone scream,

"Emmett, make it stop!" It was Bella and I smiled to myself.

"You know I can't do that…..Alice has control over Ты to get ready!" I said.

"Fine UNDIEMAN!" She yelled and I heard...
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