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So here, I'll just be sharing some emojis that I think would represent characters in EAH. Just for fun, and feel free to suggest any ideas of your own!!


💜 for Raven, because she loves purple and she's good in heart
🍎 for Apple, because she likes apples and it's her name (duh!?)
🫖 for Maddie, because she likes tea
🌹 for Briar, because "Briar" means "thorns on sweetbrier rose"
🧸 for Blondie, I think it's just right ^.~
👠 for Ashlynn, because of the "shoe thing"
🦢 for Duchess, because its a swan...
❤️ for Lizzie, because she is the Далее Queen of hearts
👑 for Daring, because...
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