Evil Queen Is the Queen a good villain?

deltabannermen posted on Jul 14, 2015 at 09:46AM
The Evil Queen of Snow White is iconic. As Disney villains go she is one of the top tier but this seems mostly to do with her presence in the first full length film. In the film she actually has very little to do and only ever seems concerned with her status as 'the fairest of them all'. Once Upon a Time, the TV series based on the Disney versions of fairytales (and other legends and folklore) has the Evil Queen at the centre of their series and she is a superb character. The animated version has some good scenes, but ultimately fails to make much of an impact - she doesn't even get a song! There are a couple of odd story decisions. We never get to see how she became Queen in the first place (she is Snow's stepmother after all) or where the King has gone, or how she is able to put Snow White into the position of a servant. Also, we never see her reaction to the discovery that the Hunstman lied to her about killing Snow. Her character is redeemed partly with the chilling sequences where she transforms into the old hag and her killing of Snow White. Quite why she would choose a spell with a get out clause rather than permanent death is beyond me. Seeing how easily she gets close to Snow, it would have been simple for her to do away with her completely.

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