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“One еще shot.”

“No, I can’t –“

“Fine. I guess Ты owe me a dance then.”

You look and see Kai grinning at you, hand outstretched, ready to pull Ты to the dance floor. Ты roll your eyes at him before reaching for the shot glass and downing your fifth one for the night.

“You really don’t want to dance with me, do you?” he Комментарии before taking his own shot.

“It’s not you; it’s me.”

“Okay. In my experience, when a girl says something like that, usually she’s trying to blow the guy off gently. If Ты want me to...
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Call me baby I georineun wanjeon nanriya
Call me baby saramdeul saineun namiya
Call me baby hamkkehaneun mae sungani
Like boom boom boom boom boom

What up Эй, girl
Yeongwon gatdeon chalna unmyeong gateun sungan
Nareul han sungan tdulhgoga beongaecheoreom I segyereul
Neon nae ireum bulleojumyeo naegero dagawa

Nollawo seomgwangcheoreom gadeuk cha
Neoreul majuhan sungan oh my
Pyeonhage yeogi anja
Ije nae yaegireul deureobwa

Oh I don't care
Na meollimeolli doragandaedo
Ireohge neoui gyeote
Dan han namjaga doeeojul teni

Memareun nae ipsure
Neo seumyeodeureowa nareul kkaewo
The time's wasting girl
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SME confirms Kris' lawsuit, "We will do our best to resolve this."

In light of Kris's lawsuit filing against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract, the agency now responds and tells TVDaily, "It is true that Kris has filed a termination of exclusive contract and we're looking onto it. We apologize for this embarrassing situation. We will do our best for EXO's activities to do well and resolve this problem."

[Update] - According to several reports, Kris's side has cited that the idol is being treated as if he is an object rather than being respected as an artist. They also mention that SM...
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L' Officiel Hommes interview trans

Lay: if I really had my powers, I would quickly go to the hospital after schedules and heal all the sick people

Luhan: [If I had my powers] I would prevent Kris from being able to use his powers (fly) haha!

Tao: If I had power to control time, I would stop time in the night. BC of our busy schedules I haven’t been able to sleep

Q: what time did Ты wake up today? / Luhan: 6AM. It takes a long time to get ready BC the number of members. I’m actually sleepy rn too

Q: When are Ты the most happy in the day? / Kyungsoo: when we’re going Главная after schedules....
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posted by Kiwi_Kpop
Look at me, what’s the situation
Past your flustered face
I see the walls crumbling down
And gradually, dawn is coming

It’s connecting endlessly
Can’t cut it off with this dull blade
So the problem keeps repeating
Like homework that can’t be solved

Fallen in front of a high wall
The small and weak sound of the wind
Gets entangled and turns into a storm
Listen to it

We must break it apart and clash against it
So we can see ourselves
We must shout out loud
So it spreads wide and far
The moment soft lights spread out
And chases away the darkness
We must wake up again
To the new morning

They look at me with...
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Yeah babe my queen
Nal jibaehaneun neo

Stand up oechyeodo gyeolgugen dabeun no
Buseojin nae mamui jogagi banjjakbanjjak hae
Ppajyeodeureossgo chulgu ttawin eopseossgo
Gyeolgugen je jari tto gireul ilheoga nan

Taneun jeo haega jyeo
Geureohge neoneun deouk nunbusyeo
Eoneusae nan nuni meoreobeoryeo
Nae ape taoreun
Bulgiljocha boiji anha
Cheoncheonhi tadeureoga

I modeun geon kkum neon janinhan queen
Geu areumdaum dwi gasi gamchwosseuni
Dangerout dangerous
She’s so dangerous

Kkaeji anhneun kkum geu aneseo pin
джин oeroumeul kkeokkgoseo daranari
Exodus exodus it’s my exodus

Stand back oechyeodo nae...
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Yeah, babe
My queen
Ты control me

Oh yeah, stand up
I shout out but the answer is no
The broken pieces of my сердце shine
I’ve fallen and there’s no exit
In the end, I’m in the same place, I’m lost

The burning sun is setting but you’re even еще dazzling
Suddenly, my eyes grow blind
I can’t even see the rising огонь before me
So I’m slowly burning

This is all a dream, you’re a cruel queen
Because Ты hid thorns behind that beauty
Dangerous Dangerous, She’s so dangerous

Can’t wake from this dream, it’s blossomed inside
After the long loneliness, run away
Exodus Exodus, It’s...
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Yo, okay

I’m warning Ты just in case (listen carefully)
It’s dangerous now (so dangerous)
Stop provoking me (there’s going to be trouble)
I don’t even know myself

My breath keeps on stopping
You walk towards me
You smile at me
Maybe you’re attracted to me too

My sights become dark
When Ты stare at me
The sound of your breathing
You’re the one that makes me crazy

So nobody can look at Ты (when Ты smile)
I want to hide Ты inside my embrace (I’m so serious)
The stares that are after you
Wakes up inside me
There’s a harsh/fierce swirl/storm

A dark shadow has woken up inside of me
Sparks fly...
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[Tao] Yo


[Kris] Xiànzài hěn wéixiǎn zhèng yào jǐnggào nǐ (jǐnggào nǐ)
Zěnme bù zhīdào (You don’t know)
[Tao] Bàituō bié zài duō gěi wǒ cìjī (cìjī)
Wǒ huāngle zìjǐ (Ahoh)

[Chen] Lián hūxī dōu kuài zàntíng
Dang nǐ xiàng wǒ yuè zǒu yuè kàojìn
[BaekHyun] Xiàole yīxià hào qíguài
Nándào nǐ yě juéde guàiyì
[Chen] Gǎndào yǎnqián yīpiàn hēi
Yóuqí nǐ kànzhe wǒ gè zhǒng biǎoqíng
[XiuMin] Nǐ de hūxī shēngyīn màn man qīngxī (Oh wait)
[BaekHyun] Kuàiyào wǒ chàdiǎn zhìxí bàituō girl

[Lay] Nǚhái wǒ zhēn xiǎng...
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[D.O]nae nargeun gitareul deureo haji mothan gobaegeul
hogeun gojipseuresamkin iyagireul

Picking up my old guitar,
The confession that I couldn’t make
[Chanyeol]norae hana mandeun cheok jigeum malharyeo haeyo
geunyang deureoyo I’ll sing for you

Pretending I made one song, I’m about to tell
Just listen, I’ll sing for you

[Baekhyun]neomu saranghajiman saranghanda mal an hae
eosaekhae jajonsim heorak an hae

I Любовь Ты a lot but I don’t say the words,
It’s awkward that pride doesn’t allow me
[Suho]oneureun yonggi naeseo na malhal tejiman
musimhi deureoyo I’ll sing for you

Today I will take courage...
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This улица, уличный is completely crazy
Strangers in between people
Every moment that we’re together like boom boom boom boom boom
What up

Hey girl, that one moment felt like eternity (the fate-like moment)
When Ты pierced into me in just one moment (like lightning, in this world)
Ты called my name and came to me

It’s amazing, like a flash of light, Ты fill me up the moment I see you, oh my
Sit here comfortably and listen to my story now
Oh I don’t care, even if I have to go far
I’ll be the one man to be by your side

You seeped into my dry lips and woke me up
The time’s wasting girl
So don’t...
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Boiji annneun neol chajeuryeogo aesseuda
Deulliji annneun neol deureuryeo aesseuda

Boiji anteon ge boigo
Deulliji anteon ge deullyeo
Neo nareul tteonan dwiro naegen eopdeon himi saenggyeosseo

Neul nabakke mollasseotdeon igijeogin naega yeah
Ne mamdo mollajwotdeon musimhan naega
Ireokedo dallajyeotdaneun ge najocha mitgiji anha

Ne sarangeun ireoke gyesok nal umjigyeo

Nan saenggangman hamyeon sesangeul neoro chaeul su isseo eum~
Nunsongi hanaga ne nunmul han bangurinikka

Dan han gaji motaneun geoseun neol naegero oge haneun il
I sseuldeeomneun neungnyeok ijen eobseosseumyeon jokesseo...
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English Translation:

I’m struggling to find Ты who I cannot see
I’m struggling to find Ты who I cannot hear
I see things that I couldn’t see before
I hear things that I couldn’t hear before
After Ты left me, I have grown a power that I didn’t have before

The selfish me who has only thought about myself
The me who didn’t know your feelings and ignored it
I couldn’t believe myself that I have changed this much
Your Любовь can still Переместить me like this

If I just think of you, I can fill this world with you
Because each snowdrop is one tear drop that belongs to you
But theres just one thing that...
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Oh yeah! C’mon!

Take your time
Waenji dugeundaeneun bamiya (na na na na x 2)
So tonight
Dal kkeutkkaji dallyeogabolkka (yea yea yea yea x 2)

Just right
Sidongeul georeo eksere bareul ollyeo
Modeun geosi teukbyeolhae
Neowaneun jal eoullyeo
Mueoseul wonhadeon imma make it work (yeah)

Shawty, imma party till the sun down
Jigeum i sinbiroun neukkimeun mwolkka
Wajwo naegero eoseo before the sun rise
Nega eopsneun nan eodil gado nobody (yeah) o!

Doro wie yeogin runway
Nal baraboneun nun sok milky way
Just Любовь me right (aha!)
Baby Любовь me right (aha!)

Oh! Naegero wa mangseorijima
Neon maehokjeogin naui universe
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Okay , first i'm Письмо this because i'm so annoyed and irratated after Чтение Sasaeng fan's message for Baekyun oppa >.<

First, sasaeng fans, Ты have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN because you're the reason why a special день for Baekyun's family turned disaster ! and don't blamed Baekyun oppa for his actions that time .. what are Ты expecting to him ? Treat Ты like a guest ? like princess ? oh c'mon , you're NOT INVITED !! duu .. go as if you're invited.. always remember that .. so that Далее time if they have gathering you'll know where your place.. =='

but if your intention is to take their...
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[Luhan] I wagered everything and drank Ты down
Even if time turned back there’s no way to take it back
[Chen] Even taking the risk of addiction
So bad, no one can stop her
[Lay] Her Любовь her love, I want her everything
Her Любовь is the only law
[Chen] One Kiss from her lips is lethal
The еще unmindful the еще you’ll be unable to get yourself out
[Luhan] Oh she wants me, oh she’s got me
[Chen] Oh she hurts me
I am like this, eager to get you
[all] Someone call the doctor tie me up and tell me
This sickness called Любовь is addictive Overdose
The time spent missing Ты is too long...
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(Come in)

I drew Ты in closer with all I had
Now I can’t turn it back
This is clearly a dangerous addiction
So bad no one to stop her

Her Любовь her love
The only thing I want is her love
Her fatal fantasy
I’m drunk with ecstasy

Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got me, oh she hurts me
What else can be better than this?

Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose
It’s harder to control as time goes by
I’m falling deeper into her
Oh too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose
Too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose

Seeing Ты inside makes me...
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[Tao] Yo!


[Kris] I’m really dangerous right now. I’m just warning Ты (warning you)
How could Ты not know? (You don’t know)
[Tao] Please, please don’t provoke me any еще (provoke)
I’ve made myself flustered (Ahoh)

[Chen] When Ты walk closer and closer to me
Even my breath almost stops
[BaekHyun] Ты just laughed, how weird
Could it be that Ты think it’s monstrous too
[Chen] I feel my sight being filled with darkness
Especially Ты looking at me with different expressions
[Xiumin] The sound of your breathing is slowly becoming clearer (oh wait)
[BaekHyun] It almost makes me suffocate,...
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On November 9, SM Entertainment Опубликовано a фото on EXO-M’s Facebook, with the status, “Coffee and Suho, Frappuccino and Kris. We just snapped some фото before they left for London. Who are they going to Лондон to see? Today Kris and Suho left to cheer on their respected seniors, Super Junior. Look вперед to the surprise event that Kris and Suho have prepared for Super Junior!”

Kris and Suho, happily posing with their Starbucks, truly showed their Любовь for their seniors with this trip to London.

Super Junior just recently finished their performance in Mexico on November 7, and they also wrapped up their Показать called “Super Junior World Tour – Super Показать 5 in London” at the Wembley Arena in Лондон on November 9.


Baekhyun is always taking care of Kai, and Kai is always looking out for Baekhyun.

Tao once cried because ЛуХан told him a ghost story and Kris was pissed off.

Xiumin used to hide Tao’s wushu stick because he was afraid that Tao would use it against him

Luhan has a strong sense of justice, often taking the blame of others

Baekhyun and D.O. like to team up to bully Chanyeol.

Kai only dances in the душ when he’s in a good mood

Lay always bring a bag with perfumes, cosmetics, and comb inside.

jongin's Kiss was very "bad"..in his words at least, the girl was very wet and used too much...
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