Fairy Tail Make your own Fairy Tail wizard

Blaze_of_Ares posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 02:28AM
You must make your own and cannot use the original characters.
1.Minimize cussing
2.Don't make your character too strong
3.No killing of other people's character
4.You can only have one character, if you wanna change, kill off your character and make a new one.
5.You can use original characters, to talk to or fight or etc, but make sure it's what they would really say and do what they really do.

Now, to make a wizard just tell us the following:




Place of living-





Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)-


Any other things you would like us to know-

You can make your own kind of magic or use the original.
Makarov is DEAD. Yeah, we did a 5 years time skip. Mirajane is Guild Master


Blaze Phoenix(me)
Tierra Blanchett(temari101)
Saara Silverkin(Jennifer0)
Ginger the Exceed[pet](Jennifer0)
Alyss NightShade(Okuni)
Alek "The Monster" Valentine(AceDarkwolf17)
Seimon Kagnos(TheAdventGhost)
Omen Redcliff(wolfmaster3000)
Raion the lion Exceed[pet](wolfmaster3000)
Nami wingslayer(natcy08)
Black Leopard[pet](natcy08)
Blade Panther(GGMist)
Verdict the Exceed(GGMist)
Miyuki IceFyre(musicxgirl18)
Sasuke Uchiha(Sasuke106)
Rikku Caster(MyBlueDragon)
Ace the falcon[pet](MyBlueDragon)
Lily Cross(Animated_Heart)
Kiki the wolf[pet](Animated_Heart)
Chazz Fay(Jupiter305)
Shinji Elion(mcterra)
Ciel Taramaru(Gray-Dragneel)
Kai Hitaru(Gray-Dragneel)

Take your jobs here: link
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Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *Walks to the meadowfield* We're here, *Lays down in the grass* look I sense a feeling within you, I just can't comprehend it, I feel like I'm having the same feeling
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Miyuki: -Sits down on the grass- A feeling within me?
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Yeah, but I don't understand it,
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
I took a job and flew out of the guild. I flew over you guys and a tear drop drops on Seimon's face (XD)
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *Feels the drop* Oh, a tear? but who? *Blaze is gone by the time he looks up*
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
???: they lllliiiike each other!
Miyuki: -Turns towards the voice- That voice...-Throws her staff at tree and crystal pops out from shock- Crystal!
Crystal: -laughs nervously- Sorry I couldn't help it
Miyuki: -sighs- What am I ever going to do with you?
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Crystal, I thought I told you we were gonna be here alone,
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
Few minutes later I swoop down to you guys. I drop a bag of jewels, 10 000, and flew away.
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *Catches the bag* Some Jewels, hey, Miyuki *Hands Miyuki the bag of Jewels*
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Crystal: 10,00 jewels! Sweet! I wanna buy lots and lots of fish!
Miyuki: F-For me? Why?
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: A gift, I don't really need it, so I'm letting you have it
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
A note is inside the bag 'I don't need any money, at all"
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Miyuki: Really? Thanks
Crystal: Awww you should give him something in return
Miyuki: -Looks at crystal, confused- Like what?
Crystal: -winks- A kiss perhaps?
Miyuki: -Her face turned red- W-What! A-Are you crazy? I could never do that!
Crystal: I'm sure he wants one. -winks at Seimon- Right Seimon?
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: That's up to Miyuki, I'm not gonna force anything on her, *gets up*
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
I watch them for a far, VERY far. (Phoenix eyes ;P)
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Miyuki: -blushes and fiddles with the grass. She gets up- W-Well I don't mind. -Quickly kisses him on the cheek and then turns away.-
Crystal: Yay! She kissed him! She kissed him!
Miyuki: I-It was just a Thank you kiss that's all.
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
I shed tears of both joy and sadness
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: I wasn't expecting much Crystal, after all, we're friends from years ago.
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Crystal: Awww you sound disappointed. Miyuki, give him a proper kiss
Miyuki: -blushes- W-What! A kiss on a cheek should be good enough, right?
Crystal: -sigh- Stubborn as ever
Miyuki: Shut up!
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Miyuki's right Crystal, I'm not a fantasy hero. I'm a demon, who sacrificed his powers to get his sister back.
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
I drop to my knees. I punch the ground with massive force that is sends a shock wave. Till you guys.
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: That shockwave, what was that?
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
You guys fell.
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Crystal: But you are still guy either way! And guys have feelings! Even demons can have feelings too you know!
Miyuki: L-Leave him alone already
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
I look at you guys "What the- how can I? but only he could do that" I looked at where I punch and I have a hole in the ground.
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *Takes off necklace* this Necklace, Miyuki, I want you to have this, *hands necklack to Miyuki* Wear it with your life
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: You must be getting stronger wait, when I did that blood transfer, oh no, I must've given him demons blood, oh man
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
(I'm not going to Rp for 2weeks, I have exams. I'm going to make something happen to Blaze later)
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Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
(Ok, but what, or is it a surprise?)
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
I then got frustrated. Suddenly there was a huge crack at the meadow. "No, no how? this are their magic. How can I have them? Why?"
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
(later, it'll involve Zeref)
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…

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Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Miyuki: -blushes and put on the necklace- Thanks..
Crystal: Cute! Oh and what's up with the crack on the ground?
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
(btw, this is magic that he got. Somehow)
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Miyuki let's get out of here *Grabs her hand and flies out of the meadow*
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Crystal: Wait for me! -Quickly follows them-
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: I don't know what was with that crack in the ground *lands back in the city* *wings become white* My wings they're white that means it's finally happened, the angel's heaven has finally reached me. Now I'm no longer a demon of the dark, now I'm an angel of the light
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Miyuki: Wow, beautiful!
Crystal: That's great! You're an angel!
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *Wings go back in my body and demon marks on my body disappear* I'm full angel now, Seimon Kagnos, Angel of the light,
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Miyuki: -Hugs him- Congratulation! -Realized what she was doing and immediately let's go- S-Sorry
Crystal: They llliike each other!
Miyuki: -blushes- S-Shut up!
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: No need to be sorry, everyone has to express how they feel am I right? *blushing*
Больше года Blaze_of_Ares said…
I tried something. I move my hands (like doing a Kamehameha in DB), a magic ring appeared at my palm and blast light across the sky. The beam of light went across Magnolia.
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Miyuki: Y-Yeah
Crystal: Awww! -Flys behind Seimon and gave him one big shove on the back towards Miyuki- That should speed up things!
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: What? Wait, what are we speeding up? *Face becoming redder* hey, since the meadow didn't work out, W-Wanna go to a restaurant?
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Miyuki: -Blushes- Sure
Crystal: -chuckles- Yes!
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: and can we PLEASE go alone this time Crystal?
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Crystal: Oh I see! You want to try to put the moves on Miyuki while I'm not looking don't you? -winks at him with a knowing smile-
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Huh? No, I'd just prefer it, to be just me and Miyuki, because, well, Human to Human
Больше года musicxgirl18 said…
Crystal: Don't you mean dragon slayer to angel?
Больше года TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Yeah, that works too, but before we go, Miyuki, what do you think of me?
last edited Больше года