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posted by kathiria82
 Honesty is the best policy
Honesty is the best policy
I joined Fanpop in May 2007 and I have been tremendously active on the site since the very first day. I understand how Fanpop can grow and anything that I can add to help out, I will. One thing I Любовь doing is leaving comments. It is a perfect way to let people know what Ты think или to start a great discussion. I have always been real and honest in my opinions and I trust them. Lately I feel like I have to think way too long before I click Отправить on a comment. That feeling is slowly diminishing but some Фаны seem to have a problem with people stating their opinions. A lot of people like to...
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posted by glelsey
Hello, fellow Fanpop users! Today, 1st January 2021, marks the 10th anniversary of the день I myself became a Fanpop user. And, seeing as I've stuck around after all this time, becoming a Fanpopper clearly was a decision I did not regret.

As of right now, I am currently a member of 778 Fanpop spots, have Отправлено over 25,000 contributions across the website, voted in еще than 18,000 picks and written over 8,000 comments. Throughout my time here I have gone through my active and inactive phases (often depending on what else is going on in real life) and, every time I've come back on here after...
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just thought I would pop back in and say hi (long time I know) anyways thought I would share with some of Ты guys that im still up to crazy antics and say howdy to any of the oldies that remember me :D
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this was two years ago, mind you... I'd like to think I don't sound like that anymore. xDD I'm the narrator. The loudest voice. The obnoxious one. etc.
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