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posted by MJBillieJean
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Deleting Your Account

Meebo Discontinued Products

NOTE: The Meebo Bar will continue to be available to site publishers and will see continued improvements and new features in the weeks and months ahead.

The following Meebo products will be discontinued on July 11th, 2012. Here Ты will find information about timing, access to your account history, and account deletion

Meebo Messenger (shutting down July 11th, 2012)

Downloading chat logs: We have created a page where Ты can...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Thtuck? Thtuck?! THTUCK! THTUCK! THTUCK!!!
Thtuck? Thtuck?! THTUCK! THTUCK! THTUCK!!!
Spongebob: You're full of barnacles and so is your dad!
Dr Blowhole: Says who?
Spongebob: Says I!
Dr B: Oh yeah?
Spongebob: Yeah!
Dr B: Well I double dare you!
Skipper: Terrific! My arch nemesis is at it with his crazy tricks again!
Kendall: Like what Skipper said, Blowhole is at it again, but the exact exchange for this ritual very important. Spongebob has to be careful.
Spongebob: Are Ты crazy? Stick my tongue to that flagpole? That's stupid!
Dr B: That's cause Ты know it will stick!
Spongebob: You're full of it!
Dr B: Oh yeah?
Spongebob: Yeah!
Dr B: Well I double dog dare...
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posted by laura1233214
Here are all of my other spots that I've made, feel free to take a look and if Ты like Присоединиться and perhaps spread the word 😄

Im on Fanpop everyday now, (like loads of other user' addicted!) I feel i have made a load of new friends, some a lot younger than me, some my own age and some slightly older. I would really like it if we could all use our own pictures as our icon's for a week или so as i would Любовь to put a face to all the username's. I know a lot of Ты do use your own picture so this is just for the people like me who don't.

While im here i would like to say a huge thank Ты to Dave, Papa, Micheal and Cliff for all your hard work and giving us an amazing website to visit everyday!

Will also thank all Ты user's.....Cressida, Kathiria, Megloveskyle, Harold, DrDevience, Benji and so many еще of you! Ты guys rock and make Fanpop such a good place to be! :)
posted by ToastedRabbits
The internet is losing the magical veil of interest it once held over you. You've been on all the really Популярное sites Ты already know about and have eventually grown board of them. Sure Ты type into your blog every now and then, but that's not enough to keep Ты online for еще than ten minutes. After a while, Ты figure Ты might as well look for that episode of The Office Ты failed to record, and therefore missed last week.

You type the Название of the episode into Google and browse through the first couple Ссылки that pop up. All of them are broken videos, или they have very poor quality...
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posted by DarkSarcasm
This is еще of a Список than an actual article, compiled from picks and conversations about The Screencap Situation. Thank Ты to everyone who contributed a point that's been used here - even if Ты didn't know this would get posted. You're the ones who wrote this. I'm just the dummy who thought it was necessary to post in Статья form. Desperate times, friends.

Why Fanpop Needs Screencaps

-Screencaps have been added since before there was a screencap category. Now that there's definitely a demand for them here, they'll still get Опубликовано - in the фото section. It's already happening. Actual photos...
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posted by megloveskyle
I am Письмо this Статья in appreciation to the hard working guys of Fanpop. Ты have always been helpful, kind and caring. This website is truly a wonderful commUNITY of great Фаны all over the world. I can't thank Ты guys enough for everthing you've done. Fanpop is a wonderful site and I am addicted for life. I enjoy adding content everyday to your site. I am sorry that there has been so much negativity lately. Thanks for listening to all our problems and taking care of them. Ты guys at Fanpop are something special. I hope Ты are sucessful in your future endeavors. Have a great birthday. Ты guys rock! Thank Ты for being you.
posted by Temptasia
Why is it on Обои that there are so many еще Просмотры than there are people who rated it? It makes me really sad, because I like to see what people think of the content I add. Now, I realize that there are people who view Обои a еще than once, but what I don't understand is when some of my Обои have 87 Просмотры and only 2 people (one of which is me) who rated it. In the past I used to be guilty of this, however after adding a lot of content I realized that how good it made me feel when people took the 2 секунды it takes to rate my content. I mean Ты are already there, and Ты veiwed it,...
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posted by shadelighting1
shadow rub his eyes thinking he was
seeing things looking at shade
but no shade is very real
were did Ты come from shade ask shadow
SKYRO a FUTURISC world of the gods
I was in a pod at the time
wen the red chaos изумруд with 1 of your quills
on it glow bright
I ask my mom dad if I CUD be your
life mate they сказал(-а) yes I am your gift shadow
so wen your red chaos изумруд with
1 of your quill connected together
sent me here to Ты in this timeline shadow
what do Ты mean this timeline ask shadow
I come from 2000 years silver timeline сказал(-а) shade
shadow nod as he Переместить over to shade
they chat shade дана shadow a hug
ask wood he like to be like him
shadow сказал(-а) yes
end of part 3
 Tip No. 2 in action!
Tip No. 2 in action!
Have Ты ever wanted to act like a total jerk on Fanpop? Piss people off, lose your fans, drive everyone crazy, and maybe even get banned, Ты just weren’t sure how? Here’s a handy guide on how to do exactly that!

1. Disrespect other people’s opinions. Yeah, Ты think that band XYZ sucks and Ты wouldn’t touch one of their CD’s with a ten-foot pole, and you’re going to assume that everyone on the planet shares your sentiment. Who cares if some people might not appreciate Ты going on about how the lead singer looks like a bald gorilla and sings like a cat throwing up? They should...
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Hey everyone,

I felt like Письмо about the constant reposting of Иконки from livejournal, because I have become a very active lj user in the past months and I know of many lj people who are annoyed as hell to see their Иконки Опубликовано here.

First of all I'd like to say that I did it too. Yes, I took Иконки that were Опубликовано on livejournal and Опубликовано them here with credit.
Now Ты might say: Okay, but if people credit them, why is there a problem? It's not as if the lj people own the original pictures they icon.
This is of course true, but I think it is еще about respect and being polite.

Imagine you...
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I'm human, and it's part of the human condition to avoid change. So I admit I get a little irritated when stuff on Fanpop changes. I still haven't got used to the differences between the Поиск bars on the site, for instance - every день I scratch my head, wondering why I get no results when I look for "Fanpop Users", until I realize that I was looking within the link instead of through the whole site (someday I'll get used to this.
 I hate it when this crap happens
I hate it when this crap happens
Someday soon, I hope, as I was one of the users who requested the feature!). Similarly, back in August 2008, I found myself...
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posted by benji
I've spent the last fortnight или so getting a little peeved with certain things on Fanpop, they're mostly the tiny things, but if I don't mentioned them, I'm going to outburst on some poor person who doesn't deserve it, so instead, I'm giving a bit of global Fanpop advice, Ты ready? Here we go...

Get off your soapbox!
Lately I’ve been noticing the most frustrating thing from a lot of rather Популярное and regular Fanpoppers. Письмо Статьи that don’t have any heart, they barely have content and they’ve clearly just been added to voice a passing opinion that could have been done in pick...
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Never pay any attention to the cencored Fanpop thing it is Актёрское искусство like SOPA and PIPA and ACTA and CIAS we hate that because those bastards try to shut down the internet and we know it would come plus they crashed all our computers with their evil messages good thing we saved the internet remember people never let the new Fanpop act like sopa pipa cias and acta because thety hate cencored and copyright things and also the baby martians are crying because the new Fanpop acts this waytwards them and also Fanpop also has crappy netflix tv Показать ads that people hate that is the few reassons people...
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posted by prophet69
Everyone has been thinking about the secret of the glitch. Yes. It's the great-o-legendary glitch of multiple answers. A lot of fanpoppers have even earned a lot of Медали by posting the Обои of this glitch. Okay, I hate to bring this to Ты that Ты are also responsible for posting double или multiple answers. It's actually not a glitch at all. So, what is it? What's the secret? Now, I'm going to reveal the secret. So, don't get your женское нижнее белье, нижнее белье, трусы in a bunch. This is the magic formula of multiple answering: 1)First, click the "answer this question" button 2)Now, Ты have entered the fresh page...
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posted by mega-boy39
Fanpop is supposed to be a fun place for people to share their ideas, ask Вопросы and find out about some information, but lately Fanpop is just used for people to like Ты или for Ты to be the best.

I know everybody likes being good and having lots of Фаны but that's not the point of fanpop.Infact one person even did a pick that сказал(-а) do Ты like me!

I also have seen that their have been alot of arguments over Fanpop in alot of spots which is ruining it for everyone.
Dear fellow-fanpoppers,

Recently Fanpop introduced a new feature to our Профиль pages:

The Showcase!

Eventhough it’s not a very complicated feature, there seem to be quite a few Вопросы surrounding the caps. This gave me the idea of Письмо this article, answering the most aksed questions. Let me first say that everything I write is based on how I think this new feature works. I’m not one of the fabulous F4, so please correct me if I’m wrong about something.

1. What is the Showcase?
This Вопрос was answerd by F4 Dave: “The new showcase is for your Fanpop bottlecap collection that...
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Amazondebs had the marvelous idea of making Fanpop mad-libs...see the link. This Статья was last edited on 21 October 2008 to try to explain how the game works a little better...

What is a Mad-lib?
Specifically, Mad Libs is a registered trademark of the пингвин Group (USA). Generally, a mad lib is a kind of word game where the player is presented with a questionnaire, prompting for several seemingly Болталка types of words. The player fills in the words, then goes to another location to plug the words into the corresponding places in a block of text, which results in a silly, funny, naughty or...
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[note: when I first made this Статья "clubs" were called "spots" so just imagine anything that says "spot" actually says "club" ;)]

Well it seems like people are always asking how so here is a step by step guide on how to with images, yay! (there is a little thing in the Вопросы и ответы but people seem to relate to Обои better)

Step 1: Make sure Ты are on the Fanpop main page

Step 2: Поиск for the spot first so there are no duplicates (if not then go back to the main page)

Step 3: Scroll down till Ты see this image and click "create new spot"

Step 4: Type in the name of the spot...
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This part of my link details how Ты can format text in your postings on Fanpop, and the Статья was last edited (to fix typographical errors) on 17 July 2013.

Those of Ты who have written soapbox Статьи before may have seen the guide that Fanpop provides for formatting text. But maybe you've never written a soapbox Статья или never noticed the key, and have been wondering how some users manage to make their text еще interesting. With these tags, Ты can:
* boldface your text
* put your text in italics
* underline your text
* have your text point to a different Ссылка link

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