Фаны Big Time Rush James Maslow and his gang

JamesMalsow posted on May 05, 2012 at 11:38PM
James Maslow and his gang:
By: Madeleine Grillo

A famous person named James David Maslow sits by his three friends named Kendall, Logan, Carlos. One day their a hockey playing group of friends the next their a band called B.T.R. It all happened when James and his three friends when to a contest and Kendall won. James wanted to win but Kendall won. The Jude is name was Gustavo he was looking for a good singer. Kendall came and wowed him, Gustavo asked him if he would like to be hired Kendall said he would only do it if his three friends were with him. Gustavo said No!. Kendall knew he would do it so he said it’s a deal. After that Gustavo took them to his studio. Gustavo said after you dogs get made ready with my crew I’ll teach you some sinning. Suddenly a bunch of stylists came and started shoving make up on them and forcing clothes on them. Then a guy came and said he was to help them with their dancing. Kendall said ok lets start this dancing machine. Yea it sounds totally cool for a guy to be teaching us how to dance James said. Logan said ok. Carlos said I’ve got my helmet on so I’m ready. Ok lets try this dance move. Good you guys did good now, Gustavo will come and help you with your sinning. Well that was short said James. Kendall yea it was. Logan said lets get this sinning train moving. Carlos said ok lets get this over with. Gustavo said lets try hearing you guys sing. Do ray me said James Kendall, Logan, Carlos. That was great said Gustavo. Lets try harmony now said Gustavo. What is harmony?? Said Kendall. Never mind lets not do harmony said Gustavo. Ok so no harmony Kendall said. Ok so this is my assistant Kelly. Hi Kelly said James, Kendall, Logan, Carlos. Hey said Kelly.

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