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Source: drawn by me, sugestion Number1SkippFan
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hey. I know this isn't a POM video, but I noticed that some people are feeling depressed and down and I didn't want to see the sorrow. I heard this song on the bus and it sounded encouraging and beautiful. here's "Cry out to jesus".
cry out to Иисус
third день
anti depression
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Yup :3
Пение voice
Skipper sings Billie Jean and does the moonwalk.
billie jean
Майкл Джексон
Chapter 4: It's just the beggining

...Something fluffy touched me. I emgraced the fluffy thing, and it licked me on my beak. My eyes flutter open to see a soft kitten infront of my face. A Domestic...

"She's alright!" I heard a cry.

The voice was warming, but a little robotic. A firmilar flipper touched my flipper, lifting it high into the air. The flipper lifted me off the pillow, and sitting up. Infront of me was a kitten. It was Black with black eyes, a sleeking silver paw with a weird mark. It had green streaks on it's tail.

I looked at the person to the side of me. He had long jet black hair...
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Chapter 3: Crazy Car Ride

Once Silvy had dragged Juarez out of Base Q, they stand for a секунда outside. Juarez looks at Silvy. "So...where are we going to get our snow-cones, señorita? It would not be a muy bueno idea to get them here in Lithuania." he says.

Silvy looks at Juarez and shrugs. "I don't know, Juarez..." She then smiles widely. "I just Любовь snow-cones!" Her voice went down to a small whisper, her eyes focused on the ground. "Maybe, just maybe, we could share one?"

He adjusts his нож кобура to a еще comfortable position. "Erm..." he gives Silvy a slightly strange look and decides...
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(Okay, so this is the fanfic I'm basing on the Alaska adventure RP, I can't remember the exact дата Kait started it on the Фаны of Pom wall, so I'm just gonna put the дата at the 9th of January. :P I am gonna cut out a few things that were at the start, ie Victoria licking the cookie, and the fight between Kait and Catlin, because Catlin and Vic didn't actually go onto the RP on the forum, and because some of it was very confusing. :P I haven't wrote other people's Ocs in stories before, so forgive me if I don't write your Oc entirely in character. D: Oh and there is gonna be a little bit of...
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(Please do excuse me for having 3 of my OC's in here but I'm short on deaths so to speak so... You'll see what I mean)

The car pulls up a gravel pathway, the garden is overgrown with various weeds and bramble, nevertheless, an old sycamore stands vigilantly among the Рапунцель - Запутанная история vines. The house appears in no better state. Ivy conceals most of it's features but dangles off the porch, forming a dark archway, beckoning the unwary to enter the domain.
Other than the plants, the only other signs of life at the house is a sickly looking pigeon, curled up on the branches of the sycamore, but, it flies...
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Ashley opened his eyes, on what he thought might be the Далее day. He tried to look for the villainous scum, (or big meanie as Ashley called him) who tortured him yesterday. The room was a bit lighter today, and realised he was in a massive room, the walls covered with millions of weapons ranging from big to small. There were poison vials, machine guns, grenades, and even an old fashioned пушка in one corner. Ashley gulped, and his breathing quickened. The lights suddenly went out and his stomach lurched as he heard a horribly evil laugh coming from somewhere in front of him. The laugh echoed...
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10709 people talking
R:Rat King, here.
R:Finally! an answer!
C:Answer what.
R:You answered.
C:What do Ты think about the study of neuroscience?
R:What? I'm not the dude to be asking! Talk to that brainy flightless bird!
C:Ohh. Ты must really like her.
R:The brainy one's a dude, like me! Even if he wasn't i wouldn't like him!
C:Do Ты want to talk about your frustration?
C:Are Ты a robot?
R:No! I'm a muscular sewer крыса that'll перфоратор, удар, пунш your face in if Ты dion't shut up!
C:How do Ты know Ты are not human
R:I"m a rat! not a human!
C:Have Ты heard of INQ?
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(oh dear im trying to figure out how to use bold so..forgive me if im wrong .FT.)
[b]Chapter 1[b] / [b]bold[b]Chapter 1

Kowalski(must always start with him!):
Skipper!i have done it!

Skipper: done what? a chemical reaction nuclear bomb that kills the whole unviverse?

Kowalski: -_- no. i have created *pause* THE HRYDRIGIZER!

Rico: oooo heheh

Private: well, what does it do?

Kowalski: well, it transports "recruits" from the human world to this world!

Skipper: "recruits"?!? we have four men on the team! isn't that enough?!

Kowalski: ah but we only have "men"

*everyone stares at him questioningly*

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"she got shot down...and she crash landed in Denmark" whispered Skipper. Meanwhile Sindaj was in the dirt and in very critical condition. Her right wing and left leg was badly broken and she was cut up and bruised in many places. She was unconscious with a concussion. She didnt feel herself being dragged away. She awoke in a Danish prison cell. Her head was buzzing like Rico's chainsaw. She knew that she was in trouble then sat in the corner and waited. Back at the пингвин lair, plans were brewing. "okay so we know shes in Denmark but in what city" asked Kowalski, scratching his head with his...
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it was a cold dark night. kowalski was out for a walk in the park. he felt like something was watching him. he turned around again to see a frying pan hit him in the face.

then he was dragged away by a black bird. he woke up to see a huge portal device. it was glowing blue like the night sky. he looks over to his left as he feels something Переместить Далее to him.

he gasps as he sees Kasey tied up Далее to him. then he feels his head get lifted up by something. the black bird that had dragged him off earlier was staring at him with purple eyes.

the bird forcefully opened his beak and poured the blue liquid down his throat. kowalski's eyes turned light green but then turned blue again. he fainted after that...
Lexii lay awake in her постель, кровати in Blowholes lair. It was almost 11:00 pm. She couldnt go to sleep though. She kept thinking about what had happened earlier that day. Blowhole had told her he loved her and then he had kissed her. She couldnt comprehend what was going on. She decided to play along because she knew the penguins would come rescue her soon. Wouldnt they?
      She sighed thoughtfully. Why would Blowhole like her? She definatly didnt Любовь him back though... When he had kissed her she was so shocked that she forgot to pull away, and the Kiss lasted for about 4-5 seconds. Blowhole probably...
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One Bright and sunny день in the Central Park Zoo, Kowalski, Skipper, Private, Rico, and Mya were training for fighting.
" ring ring " Mya's phone rang. She ran over to pick it up. " Hello, " she asked. " Oh Krillin! Hows Yamcha doing? "
" Actualy thats what i'm here to talk about, " Krillin сказал(-а) sounding depresed. " He....Has three days... "
" Wha-whaa-what! " Mya screamed. " He's going to.... "
" Afraid so, " Krillin said. " I'm so sorry for the loss your going to have. And now that Piccolo's gone....theres no way we can bring Yamcha back to life. "
Mya felt her сердце shatter into pieces as Krillin...
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"Alright, we'll go when your ready, Kat." Ice said. "I'm ready now." Kat replied. Ice slung on his heavy military bag. The waves were calm that night. Kat голубь first, followed by Ice. Cool salt water covered Ice's face and his eyes stung the tiniest bit. Kat turned around under the water and saw Ice. She grabbed his drenched flipper and pulled on him. Ice swam trying to keep up with Kat. She began to slow down. The scenery was beautiful. Huge coral риф beds of all Цвета shimmered under the moonlight. Kat's shiney feathers seemed to shimmer too. Ice watched as a school of yellow goatfish...
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