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posted by Icestorm727
That night Kira dreamed of him as a Pegasus. And he had mated with Kania and there was 3 baby Pegasuses. He woke up with a jolt. "Oh it was just a dream." Kira сказал(-а) with relief.
The Далее morning Kira went to the pond for a drink with Kania. It was clear Kania wanted to mate with Kira. It was the herd's code for the male to ask the female to mate. "Um Kania." Kira hesitated. "Yes Kira."Kania сказал(-а) with the pond reflecting in her eyes. "I was thinking we could um....Mate?" Kira studderd his sea blue eyes locking on Kania's shy black eyes. "Yes. I will." Kania said. Kira was giddy and relieved. Kira walked up and rubbed his cheek against Kania's. Kania rested her head on Kira's black back.
END OF CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!