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This is a fanfiction for a girl called Naomi.
I hope Ты like it! ^^

Before starting the fanfiction for her,I will tell Ты some infos for her!:
Naomi is a teenager 14 years old.She lives with her parents and her little sister,Angela.
She lives in an apartament with her 2 best friends,Bob and Sarah,but she and her family moves out to a вилла an abandoned вилла for sale...Where the story starts.
Naomi likes to dance and sing,she is a really a"crazy" friend for Bob and Sarah!!
She have a little щенок dog called Lulu.
But now let's read the history of her...

*It was afternoon and Naomi was listening...
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Zaren sits in a lawn chair down by the water with his sunglasses hanging off the side of the chair, his red eyes staring up at the sky. His right arm in a sling, he pops a pain pill into his mouth followed by a drink of water.

Airlo comes down to him from the temple "Your back? I thought you'd be off with your little friend."

"No, she didn't Показать so I came back." he says back with a hint of disappointment.

"Well I'm actually glad I don't have to go get Ты now." he says standing Далее to the chair.

Zaren looks up at him with a confused look "Why?"

"You must have forgotten... Ты have to go on the...
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The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead (#1 Vampire Academy, #2 Frostbite, #3 Shadow Kiss, #4 Blood Promise, #5 Spirit Bound, #6 Last Sacrifice)-vampires (moroi & damphirs)

The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling (#1 The Sorcerer's Stone, #2 The Chamber of Secrets, #3 The Prisoner of Azkaban, #4 The Goblet of Fire, #5 The Order of the Phoenix, #6 The Half-Blood Prince, #7 The Deathly Hallows)-witches/wizards and other stuff

The Immortal Beloved series by Cate Tiernan (#1 Immortal Beloved, #2 Darkness Falls, #3 Eternally Yours)-immortal & magical powers

The Darkest Powers series...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
     Mrs. Bangelle sat in her study inspecting the sample of Miguel's blood. It was dry and the color rust. He had delicious looking blood. It had very easily come off the knife, and had instantly made her true form show. She loved blood. It made her mouth water. Miguel couldn't stand the way it tasted. When it got in his mouth he made a horrible face and spat for hours. But when it was outside his mouth, he was fascinated by it. But still, he loved violence.. Another asset to his becoming.
    But it bothered her that he also had a gentle side, a caring...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
    Gabby sat quietly at the таблица in the dinning hall. Her and her father sat at the opposite ends of the long table. She sat at the left end; closest to the fire, and her father at the other end intently starred at his plate. He sat at the other end underneath her mother's big, green watchful eyes from her only perch.
    Her mother had died while she had been giving birth, so the only way she'd ever seen her had been the portrat, and when she had once looked at it one night, and сказал(-а) to her father, "Daddy, I wish Mommy had gotten...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
The door gently opened, and there stood her father in his dark black suit and his gray over jacket. His long black hair tied back in a ribbon and his face freshly shaven and he looked absolutely immaculent, but his face was full of displeasure.
"Dearest Gabbreille, I have intense news to tell you. Your wedding has been moved up to Далее week. It is no longer in a month. It will be a small change and will affect almost nothing else."
"What? Далее week? But that's too soon!"she felt sick and deludded.
"I know it feels like that right now but soon you'll be married and it will all be fine."
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I knew it was coming.
I’ve broken
the law
s o m a n y t i m e s.
It was inevitable.
I just wish I had
and Violet
here to support me.
I can almost hear Mother’s
calm, smooth
voice, telling me It’ll be
I can almost feel Father's
h a n d o n m y a r m,
squeezing reassuringly.
I can almost smell Violet’s
homemade клубника perfume
as she buries her head
into my neck.

A final good-bye.

I don’t like good-byes because

they seem too formal.
I’d rather settle for
just leaving
than facing the
people I love
and risk
in *t e a r s*

Anything but that.

I might die right
Why me?

I look to the stars
for answers.
All they do is sit there,

*T w i n k L i n g*

They make me want to


them out of the sky.
Not that it
would help.

Nothing can help me now.

It’s hard for me to understand that



All my mistakes,
I knew they’d come back to
actually kill me.
It’s not fair.
I know:

L i f e ’ s n o t f a i r.

I’ve had еще
than enough times
When people ask Ты something like, "Do Ты believe in magic?" what is your answer? How long do Ты take to answer this? Have Ты ever thought about it? Here are my thoughts of the subject.

When someone asks me that same question, или at least something similar, I tend to delay my answer by about a second. Of course, a секунда in extremely short, but a delay is a delay. How can people answer that Вопрос with complete certainty? How do we actually know whether fantastical creatures and myths are real или not? This has been a set of Вопросы left Без ответа for centuries.

Fantasy exist in people's...
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posted by Dawnstripe
A Wish
By Dawnstripe

I wake up, and the alarm is going off at seven. I sigh and remind myself it’s a Friday. I look around my room. Purple walls, white cabinets, my jewelery table. I reach for under my подушка and pull out a picture of my crush, Finn.

Finn is a cute, blonde boy in my class. He has оливковый, оливковое colored skin and piercing blue eyes. A sigh escapes me, if only he liked me back.

I stuff his picture back under my подушка and hop out of bed. I change into my clothes, a pair of dark blue jeans, a plain purple рубашка and a black vest over that. I brush my blonde hair straight and brush my teeth....
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posted by SilverFanGirl
Chapter one
Werewolves review

Every human thought we were this thing from Twilight like what Jacob was. No, Волколаки are like from old stories. We are half human and half wolf, not big wolves. We stand on two feet not four. We can go on all fours but we're faster on two legs. Who are Ты talking to? I am a werewolf. I prove everyone wrong but then I sometimes eat them if they wouldn't keep their mouths shut. Humans aren't really my taste of food.
I personally prefer овца, овцы and cows. Other Волколаки like humans but they try not to eat too much. We let the little kids go since no one...
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Kabouter (Dutch) - Little people that live underground, in mushrooms, или as house spirits
Kachina (Hopi and Puebloan) - Nature spirit
Kage-onna (Japanese) - Shadow of a woman cast on the paper doors of a haunted house
Kahaku (Japanese) - Little people and water spirits
Kajsa (Scandinavian) - Wind spirit
Kalakeyas (Hindu) - Descendents of Kala
Kallikantzaroi (Greek) - Grotesque, malevolent spirit
Kamaitachi (Japanese) - Wind spirit
Kami (Japanese) - Nature spirit
Kamikiri (Japanese) - Hair-cutting spirit
Kanbari-nyūdō (Japanese) - Bathroom spirit
Kanbo (Japanese) - Drought spirit
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Maa-alused (Estonian) - Subterranean spirit
Machlyes (Medieval Bestiary) - Hermaphroditic humanoid
Macrocephali (Medieval Bestiary) - Giant-headed humanoid
Madremonte (Colombian) - Nature guardian
Maero (Māori) - Savage, arboreal humanoids
Magog (English) - Giant protector of London
Maha-pudma (Hindu) - Giant слон that holds up the world
Maikubi (Japanese) - Quarreling heads of three dead miscreants
Mairu (Basque) - Megalith-building giant
Mājas gari (Latvian) - Benevolent house spirit
Majin (Japanese) - Magical beings
Makara (Indian) - Aquatic beings
Makura-gaeshi (Japanese) - Pillow-moving...
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Ubume (Japanese) - Ghosts of women who died in childbirth
Uma-no-ashi (Japanese) - Horse's leg which dangles from a дерево and kicks passersby
Umibōzu (Japanese) - Ghost of drowned priest
Umi-nyōbō (Japanese) - Female sea monster who steals fish
Undead (Worldwide) - Dead that behave as if alive
Underwater пантера (Native American) - Feline water spirit
Undine (Alchemy) - Water elemental
Ungaikyō (Japanese) - Mirror monster which can display assorted wonders in its surface
Unhcegila (Lakota) - Dragon
Unicorn (Medieval Bestiaries) - One-horned goat-lion-stag-horse hybrid
Unktehi (Lakota)...
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Gaasyendietha (Seneca) - Dragon
Gagana (Russian) - Bird with iron beak and copper talons
Ga-gorib (Khoikhoi) - Anthropophagous monster
Gagoze (Japanese) - Demon who attacked young priests at Gangō-ji temple
Gaki (Japanese) - Ghosts of especially greedy people
Gallu (Mesopotamian) - Другой мир demons
Galtzagorriak (Basque) - Diminutive, demonic servants
Gamayun (Russian) - Prophetic bird with human head
Gana (Hindu) - Attendants of Shiva
Gancanagh (Irish) - Male fairy that seduces human women
Gandaberunda (Hindu) - Double-headed bird
Gandharva (Hindu) - Male nature spirits, often depicted...
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секунда part C-D

Cabeiri (Greek) - Smith and wine spirits
Cacus (Roman) - Fire-breathing giant
Cadejo (Central America) - Cow sized dog-goat hybrid in two varieties: benevolent and white, and malevolent and black
Caipora (Tupi) - Fox-human hybrid and nature spirit
Caladrius (Medieval Bestiary) - White bird that can foretell if a sick person will recover или die
Calingi (Medieval Bestiary) - Humanoids with an eight-year lifespan
Callitrix (Medieval Bestiary) - Apes who always медведь twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates
Calydonian боров, хряк, кабан (Greek) - Giant, chthonic boar
Calygreyhound (Heraldic)...
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Sorry, Im not the leader of this Fanpop spot, but it seriously irked me, when I saw a poll, won by a fricken vampire just because of a bunch of Twilight people. Get a grip. We see enough of that garbage other places. Maybe we come here for real Vampires. Real ones dont sparkle in the sun. They cant survive in the sun. That is one of the things that kills them. Along with a stake through the сердце или other folklore myths. But please if Ты have to talk twilight leave it at the Twilight spot. This is for real Фэнтези Vampires. I keep looking for a рубашка that says Team Dracula, when I find it Im going to wear it, cause that guy is the true Vampire far above the cullens. Just as the Wolfman is far above Mr. Black.
posted by DragonAura15
Chapter Three
Oh, Give Me a Home, Where the Anipeilans Roam...

    "It's just like walking on two feet, hon. Right, then left, then right," Gwen directed. I was really getting the hang of walking like a leopard. There was just one problem.
    "How do I change back?" I asked Gwen.
    She smiled at me. I wasn't quite used to seeing a raccoon smile, but I guess I'd seen weirder. "Just concentrate on your life as a human. It should be easy for you, because your Life-Before-Anisol is pretty recent."
    "My what?"
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posted by DragonAura15
Chapter Two
Kariarelm, For the First Time

    A soothing scent filled my nostrils, of Цветы and nature. Finally, I was able to open my eyes. The ground felt soft and almost cozy. Just a few inches ahead of me, a pond bubbled. Something about this place seemed familiar somehow...I dipped my tail in the water; it was pleasantly cool.
    Wait a minute. Since when did I have a tail?
    I stretched my head toward the water, trying to see my reflection, and bracing myself for the worst.
    A feline face stared back at...
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posted by DragonAura15
Here we go!

Chapter One
The Start of it All

     I woke up abruptly, glancing around. It took me a few moments to regain my bearings. Puzzled, I looked around the room, searching for what could have woken me. I wasn't having a nightmare; I knew that for sure. My bedroom door was creaking slightly, but not nearly loudly enough to make me jolt awake. So I simply lay back down, my mind heavy with sleepiness...

    Morning light shone through my bedroom window. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. Already I had forgotten last night's disturbance, but I did remember that...
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