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The World is a strange and confusing place. You don't have any other choice though so make the best out of what you can!
The World you live in is filled with strange creatures and places. Creatures from dreams and nightmare roam our World. But the people are the same, greedy; or kind, wealthy; or poor. And power is sought for everywhere.
Your kingdom, a vast one, is led by an emperor but you cannot be sure of what kind of man his is because the world is to big and the stories are too large in number, you believe only what you see. There are kings stretched far and wide, ruling over different amounts of land, under the control of the emperor and there is much land to see each filled with its own beauty and uniqueness. The Light Country is said to be the greatest. It is where the emperor himself resides. It is a place, the biggest country in all the kingdom, the flourishes and is in a time of renaissance. People from all over the world are flocking there to see the wonders and make a living.
You yourself just arrived in the Light Country.
All the wonders and knowledge can be found here, all the magic and divinity.
But what will you do in this country? Who will you meet? What art or work will you follow? This is all up to you.
The possibilities are endless! You could train to become an alchemist, one who can practice an advanced science in which objects can be created from raw materials. Or maybe become a mage. Maybe become a knight and protect your kingdom. You can become anything you want!

Something else is going on in the kingdom though. Citizens are beginning to notice the wealth and power certain kings and nobles hold and have become jealous. Rebellions are starting to rise everywhere and you must decide which side to choose. But you hear of a meeting for younger people like yourself who have recently come to Light Country, a meeting to recruit people to the rebellion. You decide to go, although, your decision hasn't been made.





Apprenticed to become a;

Opinion of rebellion;



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