Foo Fighters An open letter and a request for help. Please, spread it!

Drizzt244 posted on Jun 01, 2017 at 06:58PM
This is an open letter to the band Foo Fighters.

I am writing this because I have a great desire to hear you play a song, that I cherish deeply in my heart. I am sitting at my desk next to my ticket to your gig at Budapest and hoping, that you will get this letter and hear me out.

I have one request from you: please, play Comeback. I know it is not the most beloved, nor the biggest hit of yours, but it was the biggest for me. When Pretender became a hit song, I asked my elder brothers to show me more Foo Fighters songs, but they could not do it. So I started do dig, and I found an album titled One by One. I fell in love with it, because it was a hard time for me and for my family too. The last song of it, Comeback got me through those days, and every time I fucked up something, I always hummed that song. I know it is not about exactly about trying again and keep fighting, but due to my lack of English knowledge, it meant me that. I will come back, I will try and I won't give up.

It had another effect on my life: I showed this song to my brothers, and they loved it! It was the first time, that I showed them a song and not them showed me. It inspired me to search for more. I listened back to forth all of your albums, and when Wasting Light came out, I already had a Foo T-shirt (a terrible one) and a guitar, on what I only knew two riffs: the beginning of comeback, and the beginning of simple man from Lynyrd Skynyrd. This song made me search for more, to find new things and to be open minded about things that I haven't met yet. This is why now I know so many other bands, that I have so many good memories and a relationship. I left the fears of mine, and tried new things and found, after all, happiness (and also became a huge rock & roll fan).

This song helped me survive, made me amaze my brothers who are my best friends, inspired me to start playing the guitar and try new things. Comeback ignited the good parts of my life, and I will be forever in your dept.

This is my one and only chance to hear you play it, so please, Gods of my ears, play this kick-ass song for the sake of your biggest fan.
With a rock & roll filled, beating heart,

Máté Pálfi

P.s.: I will buy you drinks, promise

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