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 ross & rachel
ross & rachel
Okay so i read this beautiful ''post'' on tumblr and i loved it so then i thought about putting it here ;D

David Crane: In [season 8] we had Joey fall for Rachel, and that scared everybody. She was pregnant. The actors freaked out. Matt kept saying, “It’s wrong, It’s like I want to be with my sister.” We said, “Yes, it’s absolutely wrong. That’s why we have to do it.” Ты can’t just keep spinning the same plates. Ты have to go places where you’re not expected to go.

Matt LeBlanc: It felt wildly inappropriate. That’s how close we all were to the character. I was like, “That’s...
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She—the girl—she'd dead?"

"I'm afraid so. Sir, we'd like Ты to come with us—to identify the—to make an identification."

He felt bile rise up in his throat, and his vision grew fuzzy. He could hear voices, but they seemed far away...the tips of his fingers felt cold, then numb.

He shook his head, shook off the shock, and looked up at the men seated before him.

"It…can't be her," he finally rasped, so low the officers almost missed it.

"Sir, if Ты could come with us—"

"It's not her!" Chandler screamed, and rose to his feet.

"Maybe it isn't" Officer Lewis replied, and stood, "but we need...
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posted by justchilin595
Copyright issues: I don't own this Article.

Chandler stood at the full length mirror in his and Monica 's bedroom. He was getting ready for work but was having trouble fixing his tie. "Mon" he called walking out to the hallway. "Mon" he whined when she didn't answer. She stepped out of the twins room bouncing Jack in her arms. Her hair was a mess and she had baby spit up on the front of the tee рубашка she was wearing. "What" she groaned "I can't fix my tie" he whined. "Will Ты help me" he asked "Ugh" she groaned. "Stop whining you're worse than the babies" she said. "But I need help I'm gonna...
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@TBS -Rachel lets it slip that Monica's "secret boyfriend" is the best sex she's ever had.
chandler bing
monica geller
best sex ever
season 5