Gackt Gackt's Birthday Project!

narola posted on Feb 22, 2010 at 07:56PM
Lets all sing him a song!
Haha! well, I've been thinking. Us fans should get together and sing him a song. >.> One of his songs.
Sounds drastic, I know. But hopefully I can make it happen.

Its really easy you see. All we need to do is make a video together (each fan sings a certain part of a selected song) then post it on YouTube. And spam his inbox telling him to go see it.

I've been posting many request through many sites. I hope lots of people will do it T~T and not chicken out.

But first! we need to decide on a song.

So until mid March or the end of it. I'll pick the song according to vote. Then I'll start with the whole plan. <-- I'll get back to you guys on that.

So my first Question is...What song should we sing?
I pick Love Letter.
 Lets all sing him a song! Haha! well, I've been thinking. Us Фаны should get together and sing him a

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Больше года Katilix said…
Hm...I think it would be hell to sing in Japanese, but I sure would try for Gackt! I agree, Love Letter would be really nice, but I'd have to vote for December Love Song. Just for the obvious reason that it's in English as well. Plus, Vanilla would be amazing as well.
Больше года narola said…
lolol~ I forgot about this post >XD posted so in so many places! well anyways thx for voting and sharing your thoughts ^__^
If you'd like to join~ please tell me! =D
Больше года HaiSuG96 said…
i tink we shud sing vanilla! i know its rongish...but its my favorite XD
Больше года narola said…
lol its kinda weird singing a sex song for a birthday >.> but yea many people (including myself) picked that song >XD but Love Letter won by 1 point! =D
Больше года HaiSuG96 said…
haha yeah, its sorta like that "birthday sex" song, cuz maaaan...he's hotness! XD Haha annnyyywhooooo...OK XD
Больше года narola said…
It's finished! :D

here's the link =]