сено, сена Garth - want to Присоединиться us for Golf on Saturday in Omaha ? hope Ты can make it .....Details Below

сено, сена Garth

Just made final arrangements for a round of Golf in Omaha
this Saturday. Driving Down ( 12 hours) from Winnipeg on Friday and back Sunday.
Любовь it if Ты could Присоединиться me and my buddy. for a quick 18
T time 945am Saturday May 9th Tiburon Golf Club....168th Street
I know its a long shot but it can't hurt to ask.
Then its off for your Concert!!!
Been a Фан for years and years. I'm 60 and combining
your концерт with a visit of my first grand son, who lives in
Omaha. Have a great Show...(As Always ) see Ты on Stage..

Glen Smallwood - Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada

 Glen888 posted Больше года
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