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I know that many artists say they are being ripped off by people downloading their Музыка on sites such as YouTube. However, I can't help thinking that they are still earning fortunes and should really allow people to use their Музыка if no personal gain is involved. I recently downloaded a video to YouTube of Garth Brooks The Dance, with lyrics, but it was taken down by YouTube as it had the original soundtrack I had taken from a Genuine CD that I had bought - Garth Brooks/ The Hits. I therefore had to replace the soundtrack with a very creditable performance which Ты can listen to here on Фан Pop. The strange thing is, he and the copyright holders allow the original to be downloaded to VIMEO. I therefore downloaded the same video with the original Garth Brooks soundtrack and there is no problem. I find it all so confusing.
posted by ckaiser25
I've wanted to write to Ты for a long time and had not been able to find an address. So, I hope Ты see this.

I sent an email to Ты (hoping it was even a valid address) when my daughter Neoma was дана three months to live. I told Ты that she just loved Ты and your music, and сказал(-а) it would mean so much to her if Ты could please call her.

When your office called, I was grieving (the doctors over-estimated her longevity) and very surprised. I'm sure my response was incoherent.

I just wanted to say 'thank you'. I will never forget your kindness. I have told this story many times and will be a Фан as long as God gives me breath.

My husband and I hope to make it out to Las Vegas soon to see one of your shows.

May God bless Ты and yours,
Cherie Kaiser (Neoma's Mom)
posted by kkkkmmm
GARTH IF Ты ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT " UNITY " WHERE WAS YOUR жопа, попка WHEN TRUMP GOT ELECTED ? There were plenty of people disputing that election ( division ) I have been a Фан of yours for since the early 90's . do your memory jog- Bellville Texas ( good times) ... Ты are a " fake republican" . Have a back bone and stand for " unity " in the correct way. Unity actually works both ways .That means its consistent . It's not what's drawing attention at the moment in time. Does the Oklahoma Bombing ring a колокол, колокольчик, белл ? Ты screwed that up like this. F _ U
posted by shrncrwfrds
My name is Sharon and I work for Heinzerling Foundation in Columbus, Ohio. I have a resident
who is 16 years old and a huge Фан of yours. He
knows all of your music. He has a cd that has Видео of a концерт Ты did. We have watched it so
much that it is now skipping. I am trying to find
him a new one. I think it would be really cool if Ты could send him a letter или something. He has a
black hat that is very similar to your white one and we put a picture of Ты on the front of the hat. He loves it. Hope to hear from Ты soon.

Thanks for your help
posted by teresa6872
I am Письмо this in regards to the song"The Dance and how it has effected my family and my life, My father was a big Фан of Garth Brooks which in turn means that our child капот, худ was filled with his music, we never complained as a matter of fact we all loved his songs
On July 30th 2006 my father passed away suddenly, my baby sister was Главная with him when this occurred she was just a child, when she called me that afternoon and told me that she couldn't wake daddy I immediately jumped in my truck and rushed to my baby sister side, he had passed due to a сердце attack in his sleep
during his funeral...
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posted by dottierainwater
I have tried to get концерт tickets for my daughter for years,with very disappointing no luck! Couldn't even buy them online -- What do I have to do to get her tickets? She is now 27 and been a Фан since the first день she heard him. She even risked her job at the movie theatre just to get a glimpse of him. Her husband is currently serving in Kuwait and will miss Рождество holiday with her and their baby for the секунда time in a row. This would have made a great holiday gift for her! What do I have to do to get tickets????????