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We were married in a beautiful beachside wedding on May 15, 2008. Our wedding was all we dreamed it would be and more. Read our entire story at
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Dustin arrived at the Главная Depot in Salt Lake City thinking he was there to help his roommate pick out some lighting for a party...
This is one Fucked Up world we live in.

The conservatives claim to be a party of freedoms. Yet they contradict themselves by restricting Gay marriage; a freedom in it of itself. “Morally wrong”; ok, sure. It’s not morally wrong if Ты do it to someone else, I see.

I dispute with these people often.
“They switched the Yes and No around so a bunch of old people would vote for fags to get married.”
I damn near punched that middle schooler through the wall.

(Minnesota and the State Constitutional amendment that failed in the 2012 election cycle.)

I’m 6’4, 240 fucking pounds and I will...
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okay so i'm straight but i have found that i actually like hanging around gay people because they tend to be (not meaning to stereotype) NICER people. i support gay marriage because i believe that it is a human right; i have no fucking idea why the hell it is currently being debated (in the US). this entire damn country was created mostly because people wanted to escape religious prosecution and be able to believe what they want. this is really FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL. our government, the damn constitution and bill of fucking rights specifically states that the government is SECULAR. that means...
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Marriage-one man and one woman.
The real meaning-two spouses that want to take their union to the Далее level.
People think that marriage is between a man and a woman because it's traditional.Gay marriage isn't traditional but it's new.That why some people don't except it because it's new and unusual.Some countries like South Africa and Sweden has legalized gay marriage because thy understand the real meaning of marriage.Countries like America only legalizes marriage in certain places like.This is because America has very many cultures and religions.Some Chritstians,for example aren't going to...
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