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 Hohenzollern Castle, pretty setting for a Wagnerian Opera.
Hohenzollern Castle, pretty setting for a Wagnerian Opera.
Hi guys, my name is Dee and I come from Malaysia. I'm very happy that Germany had won the World Cup 2 years назад and recently the Euro 2016 (correct me if I'm wrong), here are my reasons on why I Любовь to go to Germany and see its medieval city, culture and history.

1. Berlin

Yes, the city is the sight of many historical moments, like the construction and fall of the Berlin Wall. The Brandenburg Gates also serves as the symbol of reunification.
The most famous cathedral is the Berlin Cathedral, this Готика cathedral will definitely time travel to the time of Johann Sebastian Bach, especially...
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Es ist nicht perfekt, und auch noch nicht bearbeitet - aber wenigstens etwas :P

Es ist nur das erste Kapitel aus unserer Geschichte. логово, ден Rest müsst ihr dann schon lesen, wenn er veröffentlicht ist :P (falls er das jemals wird, na ja egal)

lol! wir hatten nur so die idee das Bild zu benutzen, weil es zum Titel und логово, ден zwei Hauptpersonen passt:P

1 - Bald am Ziel
Die Baumwipfel wehten im warmen Sommerwind, ein paar Blätter tanzten an ihr vorbei. Sie saß auf einem hohen Felshügel, sah auf логово, ден Wald hinab, логово, ден sie zu durchqueren gedachte. Das große, muskulöse Waldpferd, das sie einem der Bauern...
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The former East Germany suffers from frauenmangel - that means that there's not enough women. Because much еще of the young women than young men leave the East German villages.

This is because the women in the former East Germany are better educated according to therapist Stefan Kröhnert from the independent Berlin Institute for Population and Development.

-- People with higher education are еще mobile and have higher expectations of life, and therefore moving the women away, he explains to the Danish newspaper - Radioavisen.
They remain in West though.

The pattern known also in the outskirts...
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posted by TheGoldenHeart
"Das Goldene Herz" gibt es jetzt auf deutsch zu kaufen

Paperback: link

Hardcover: link

E-Book: link

Man kann das Buch gleich dort kaufen, in allen großen Online-Stores oder im Buchhandel vor Ort bestellen.

Außerdem ist es hier in Verbindung mit Preisen vergünstigt zu kaufen

posted by TheGoldenHeart
Hi there everyone!

I'm a writer and I'd Любовь some international support for my story that I already gave to my Избранное actor Colin морган personally as a gift. He inspired me for a certain character and it was дана еще as a sign of gratitude for the inspiration rather than for him to read it. No idea if he ever would, but I just hope the effort I put into translating it just for him made him happy that day. What a brilliant actor ^^ Anyways - I've created a club and this account itself for communicating with future readers. I don't want to bother anyone with it, but how else could Ты let...
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