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 Mikela The Hedgehog
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"Hey, Black!" A blue female hedgehog yelled at a pure black male one.
"Hey, Moon!" He smiled.
A white rabbit ran by. Moon stared after it. Black followed her. She stared to run faster. The заяц came to a hole in the ground. Moon saw it crawl in, she waited on black to get there. "Why'd Ты take off like that?" Black asked.
"I wanted to catch the заяц that when in that hole." Moon smiled as she pointed to the hole. "We can crawl through it."
"Okay." Black got on all fours and stared to crawl through. Moon did the same. They stared to fall. Moon stared to scream. When the stopped moon landed on...
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I have a dream, where I can fly. My hops are my wings. Only because Ты left me , my сердце started to hurt. But one день I will find Ты and Показать Ты how much I missed you. I also will Показать Ты how much Ты hurt me . Don't play with feelings, Ты only will hurt them. Don't try to make a person Любовь you, it won't work. My dreams follow me everywhere I go and make me feel good. Because I feel good, I feel hope in that I will find Ты one день and Ты will pay for the things Ты done to me. But don't fear that day, it may come later. Ты are the reason why I have a life, but don't be so sure that Ты will survive. I will leave Ты with your life for a time so use it. But give me one promise: Stay out of my sight till I take your life from you. Ha, ha, behold, the powers I hide are strong and I could easily kill you. Fear the nights shadows and never, I repeat: NEVER leave your room in Darkness

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