mi bf iz jelous cuz im huging boys. i don even no y heez so jelous he knows im a big hugger i luv hugs and the only ppl i hug r mi friendz so y is he jelous. last night i was thinking that mayb i should break up wit him but i Любовь him. wat should i do

i need 2 know so plz help
 ayzhah6 posted Больше года
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cupcake69 said:
boys will get jealous it so normal i use to go out with this boy and i had the same problem but my problem was worse he would get jealous if i were to look at one boy and he thought i liked him he would be so mad but what i think Ты should do is talk to him tell him Ты Любовь him and don't like any other boy but him and he doesn't need to get jealous because Ты only Любовь him
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posted Больше года 
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