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Enchanted Script   

Narrator:Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom known as Andalasia, there lived an evil queen.

Selfish and cruel,  she lived in fear that one день her stepson would marry, and she would lose her трон forever. 

And so, she did all in her power to prevent the prince from ever meeting the one special maiden with whom he would share true love's kiss. 

Birds:Giselle, Giselle,how about this for your statue? 

Giselle: Oh, this will be perfect. Thank you.

Birds: You're welcome. 

Pip:Come on! OK, Ты mookses, Переместить it!We have got a face to put together here ...
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If a relationship has issues at the beginning it doesn't get any better{Robert to Giselle)

Is this a habit of yours by falling off of stuff{Giselle to Robert}

Only when your around to catch me{Robert to Giselle}

That lovely version you talk about its fantasy and one day you wake up and your in the real world{Robert to Giselle}.

Dreams can come true and something wonderful will happen(Giselle to Robert}

You met your match you fowl bellowing beast

Please don't leave me { Robert to Giselle before he relives her}

I knew it was you {when Giselle woke up when it was Robert}

Just kiss her Robert its okey(Nancy to Robert)

I don't know what melodramtic means(Edward to his stepmother)

Date, Yeah you know you got to a restaruant, a museum or you just hang out and talk(Robert to Giselle about dates)

Here are a few quotes that I like in the movie Enchanted
 Her real true Любовь with his daughter Robert
Her real true love with his daughter Robert
 Giselle(Amy Adams)
Giselle(Amy Adams)
My favourite characters in Enchanted

Ok so here is an Статья about my favourite characters in Enchanted. Please rate and Enjoy.

#1 Giselle: She may drive Ты bonkers but what I really like about this character is that she is so innocent and naïve as well as being so optimistic when it comes to love. Hailing from Andalasia she is voiced sung and played by Amy Adams. Her personality is rather childish but she wins the сердце of an attorney who helped her find her way through New York.

#2 Robert Philip: Robert is another character that I liked because he is a single parent to one (a little six yr...
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posted by LisaForde
Ballroom Leader:I'd like to ask each gentleman
to invite a lady he did not accompany this evening
to dance the King and Queen's Waltz.

Edward:May I have the pleasure?
Nancy: Please.

As Nancy went off with Edward, Robert went over to Giselle and quickly looked at her dress which looked like a mermaid dress.

Robert:Shall we?(takes Giselle’s hand and walks to the dance floor with her)

Song: SO CLOSE Jon McLaughlin.

You're in my arms
And all the world is gone
The Музыка playing on
For only two

As the song So Close is playing Robert looks into Giselle’s eyes all the time and pours his сердце out...
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Giselle's Wishes Are About To Come True

Once upon a time in an Зачарованная world filled with trolls,princes, evil queens and woodland creatures there lived a lovestruck maiden named Giselle. Giselle was in her early twenties with long клубника blonde hair that went as far as her back, and she wore a розовый dress. Giselle was about to finsh off her dream prince . "Oh Pip I know his out there somewhere...........(Sighs)I just know it" she сказал(-а) to her бурундук friend Pip. "Maybe he is sweetheart...........". says Pip. Suddenly a troll appeared out of no where and сказал(-а) " Girl Yummy". "AHHHHHHHHH"...
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Цитаты & sayings used in Зачарованная : Enjoy them    

Giselle: Oh hello old man may I sit with you,oh im been wandering around all night looking for my true Любовь and if there was someone with a bit of kindness a friendly hello it will lift my spirt so much. Oh Ты do have a lovely smile.Hey wait where are Ты going stop I need are NOT A VERY NICE OLD MAN.

Giselle: Well I must have looked really hard through my hearts desires because I fell down down down then I got up out of this big round hole and I was very Остаться в живых and now here I am with you.

Robert:Is this...
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As Giselle was battling Narissa she didn’t want to lose the man that she truly loves Robert. It took about an час until Pip came along and finished her off. As Robert fell down from the sky as Narissa let go of her hand Giselle quickly grabbed the sword and aimed it at his sleeve. ‘AHHHHHHHHH help me please’ Robert shouted. ‘ ROBERT HOLD ON’ Giselle shouted as he let go of the bar of the tower the two of them fell down off the tower and landed on the edge of the tower.

As they both got their voices back Giselle confessed to Robert that she loved him. ‘ Giselle Ты may be very mysterious...
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posted by LisaForde
The portal from Andlasia to New York – a reference to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Monsters Inc. and The Chronicles of Narnia (film series) .

The storybook opening of Зачарованная – a tribute to the openings of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio (1940 film), Cinderella, The Sword in the Stone, Sleeping Beauty, and others.
Giselle's initial personality – based on multiple Дисней Princesses; director Kevin Lima describes her as "about 80% Snow White, with some traits borrowed from Золушка and Sleeping Beauty... although her spunkiness comes from Ariel...
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(Enchanted Vs Tangled)


I Любовь both of these films so here is why I Любовь both Рапунцель - Запутанная история & Enchanted.

The Charcthers

First up is Giselle who I actually found hilarious as she was so OTT and sweet. I like how Amy Adams acted in the real world and I think she was snubbed at the oscars for this film.Sure it was daft in a way but come on I liked the film. As for Patrick Dempsey this is the ONLY movie I loved him in because he was charming and funny as Robert Philip.


I Любовь Rapunzel because she’s fiesty,nice,a...
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The majority of the visual effects shots in Зачарованная were done by Tippett Studio in Berkeley, California, who contributed a total of 320 shots. These shots involved virtual sets, environmental effects and CG characters that performed alongside real actors, namely the animated Животные during the "Happy Working Song" sequence, Pip and the Narissa dragon during the live action portions of the film. CIS Hollywood was responsible for 36 visual effects shots, which primarily dealt with wire removals and composites. ReelFX did four visual effects shots involving the pop-up book page-turn transitions...
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 Her cartoon self has bright red hair like Thumbelina
Her cartoon self has bright red hair like Thumbelina
Before Giselle came into our world she only had a ожерелье but no earings to match it but when she comes out of a manhole she magically has them on her.

When Giselle comes out of the manhole we see sparlkles coming out of her wedding dress but after that we don't see the sprakles anymore

When Robert is talking to Phoebe her hand is on the таблица whereas before she hadn't her hands on the table.

How did Giselle end up in Robert's place so quick she hardly went on the train where the subway was или maybe she did.

The Далее morning when Robert sees Nancy ,and he runs out ,he is rather scruffy looking...
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Ok as much as I Любовь this movie here is my favourite funny moments:

1. Prince Edward on вверх of the bus as he thought it was a beast lol.

Funniest Quote: A бурундук he only speaks in my pressence.

2. Giselle crying in Robert's work place and Robert is mad.

Funniest quote: What is wrong with you,yes Ты and your kumbaba people routine those people are in real pain..

3. Edward Пение True Love's Kiss reprise and acts like an idiot.

Funniest Quote: To.......Finish..........your not singing.

4. Pip's gag lol

5. Pip pretending to be Giselle and Narissa at the deli.

6. The dog pissing on Edward's shoe lol

7. Prince Edward gets knocked down by bikes and can't get up.
Зачарованная 2:

The following is a little synopsis’ that is not true. So enjoy

A few years passed and Giselle and Robert decided to tie the knot. But first Giselle must meet the in-laws. ”Oh I wonder will they like me Robert” Giselle сказал(-а) to him. “ Oh come on honey, they will Любовь you” Robert сказал(-а) to Giselle as she was in a total wreck. морган later entered the door after going out with her boyfriend Alan.” Эй, dad what sup” says морган who is now 16 yrs old. “ Excuse me miss where were you” Robert сказал(-а) in a angry toned voice. “ Ah out “ морган сказал(-а) to her father. “ Oh Morgan...
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This is all fiction so please enjoy.

Idea 1: Зачарованная 2 : Meet the inlaws
Robert decided to bring Giselle to see his parents. " Im nervous they never saw me before and I hope they like me as much as Nancy".
" Of course they will, I Любовь Ты and my daughter well she is very loyal to Ты too ,don't worry my parents are nice". Robert сказал(-а) to Giselle. Back in Andlasia and Nancy who is Queen of Andalasia was running after her two kids. Rufus and Alexandra. " Edward there Ты are I was wondering where my two kids have gone to , If they are going into that magic wishing well, im screwed. " Don't worry...
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posted by LisaForde
 Animated version wears no earings
Animated version wears no earings
Continuity: In the taxi cab in the beginning of the movie, the воротник of Robert's overcoat is tucked under the сиденье, место, сиденья ремень, пояс, пояса strap one moment, then resting over it, then tucked under it again a moment later.

Errors in geography: Robert's office is supposed to be in the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle. However, the Lipstick Building, located on Third Avenue at 53rd Street, is seen across the улица, уличный from a window.

Continuity: During the scene in the Italian restaurant, as Robert and Giselle are sitting at the таблица talking, Robert's hair keeps changing between shots.

Continuity: When Nancy arrives...
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posted by LisaForde
Prince Edward delicately removed Giselle’s плащ and placed it in the cloakroom. They walked down the stairs, hand in hand, to the dance floor. Giselle’s face immediately lit up as she caught sight of Robert, as his did when he saw her.

“What’s she doing here?” Nancy had spotted the glamorous Giselle and had a feeling Robert’s attention was drawn to her.

“I have no idea.” Robert’s words were not convincing. His smile raised his cheeks and made his eyes sparkle.

The introductions were obviously only used to Показать Robert and Giselle’s properties, which were clearly not each other....
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Here is an Статья that I am going to talk to all Ты Фаны about my favourite Giselle dresses.

Giselle's Wedding Dress: This was my least favourite as it was extremely awkward and very bulky. I Любовь the бабочка Дизайн and the glittery affect it has on the dress.

Giselle's розовый dress: This was Giselle's first dress in the movie and I liked the shade of розовый on the dress. The end of the dress reminded me of the dress she wore at the ball.

Giselle's blue dress: I loved this dress as it is a turquoise colour designed with pink/yellow flowers. I also like the white slip on the dress.

Giselle's ballroom...
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 Patrick's boots at the ball were specially made for him
Patrick's boots at the ball were specially made for him
In one scene, Prince Edward rides a bus through Times Square. In the background a large poster can be seen advertising the musical play "Wicked," which originally featured Idina Menzel, who plays Nancy in "Enchanted," in the starring role. Furthermore, Stephen Schwartz, who was the lyricist for "Enchanted," was both the composer and lyricist for "Wicked."

The bus driver's hair is shaped like Mickey Mouse's ears, as well as the green pepper slices on the пицца Robert and Giselle are served at the Bella Notte restaurant.

When Prince Edward searches Robert's building for Giselle, one of the doors...
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Chapter 2 Where Am I?

Disclaimer: I didn't write Enchanted. All that credit goes to Дисней Studios. I just tried to make this exactly like the movie. (Sorry if some of the dialogue is wrong. I try to make this as exact as possible.)

Giselle was gasping for air to breath, but it was hard because she wasn't ever this afraid in her life. She looked at her hands. They looked strange to her. Then she touched her hair. It felt strange. She didn't know where she was. She saw that she was sitting on some sort of porthole. She opened it slowly, not knowing what would be on the other side. When she opened...
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posted by LisaForde
Ever wonder what it would be like if all your favourite Дисней princess Фильмы came to life and goes to the big яблоко in human form i.e. Ariel или Belle for example well that’s what happens in this fairytale comedy about a soon to be princess who comes to life in NY and falls for a real life man who’s an attorney.

Enchanted pokes fun of a lot of Дисней Фильмы like The Little Mermaid(Giselle & Robert are like a déjà vu version of Ariel & Eric only Eric isn’t a father who works as an attorney in NY and Ariel’s hair is еще darker compare to Giselle’s yet both of them are so...
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