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posted by Crime-Drama-Bee
Список of nicknames used on Хор (Source: Хор Wiki, some from memory). A few have been left out so if Ты can think of any just post in comments)
Rach, A-Rach, Babe, (Finn)
Miss Bossy Pants, Eva Peron (Mercedes)
RuPaul, Man Hands, Treasure Trail, Stubbles, That Thing, Sweetie (Quinn)
Yentl (Dakota, Santana)
Boy Hips (Lauren)
Benedict Arnold (Kurt)
Dwarf, Midget, Hobbit (Santana)
Barbra Streisand (Suzy Pepper)
Lady, Michele (Sue)
Baby, My Hot Little Jewish American Princess (Puck)
The Jew (YouTube user)

Finnocence (Santana)
Frankenteen (Santana, Dakota Stanley, Sue)
Sugar луч, рэй (Sue)
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1-after getting the maria role in west side story she still ran for president against Kurt and brittany

2-she was angry at Santana because she was her UNDERSTUDY

3-she didn't know the names of Ryder,Jake, Marley, Kitty and Unique/Wade

4-she sold EVERYONE down the river at least once

5-she thinks she's the "glee" club

6-she wants every single solo

7- she stayed out of contact and comes back without any warnings

8-EVERYONE thinks her personality is the worst

9-she ALWAYS gets what she wants (that was the problem with show)
Have Ты guys read this?? Further proof that he's the most amaizng guy in the world.

Dearest friends-

Though my very first episode aired on TV in November of 2010, the end of this past September actually marked the two год anniversary of a phone call that really turned my life upside down: I was notified that I had been cast as a new character on the Популярное Телевидение series, “Glee.”


By that point, some of Ты had maybe known me from silly Youtube videos, and for even less of you- from cafes, restaurants, and bars I used to play Музыка at. Regardless of the when или the how или the why,...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(Lea Michele was still filming the last episode of the the season. In this scene, Rachel is standing in New York, feeling the fresh breeze and the freedom.)
Rachel: I'm finally at home! I made it!
(At that moment, a man with a brown куртка shouts at her, causing Lea Michele to get out of character.)
Man: Hey, lady! Get out of the street! You're blocking the intersection!
(It wasn't only him, but many cars were in the street, blowing their horns at Lea Michele at telling her to move. Off on the side, Ian Brennan spoke in a megaphone.)
Ian: Sorry 'bout that!

(Back on the set of Glee, the cast sat in...
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 I feel flattered and super happy. Thanks to all the amazing Gleeks as well!
I feel flattered and super happy. Thanks to all the amazing Gleeks as well!
Congrats to Nat for winning this месяц Ты totally deserve it, i Любовь Ты long time and i'm so glad i got to interview you!! Congrats again, Ты seriously did deserve this!!

1- Congrats on winning Nat, how do Ты feel?
Thank you, Mon! I feel flattered and super happy. Thanks to all the amazing Gleeks as well!

2- How did Ты get into Glee?
Ummm, I wasn't quite sure if I should start watching или not, but it was like destiny. Everywhere on Fanpop I was seeing Glee. Хор on picks, Хор on fans' icons, Хор fanvids from YouTube, literally everywhere, so I decided to give it a go. To be completely...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(Will Schuester was in the choir room once again with his beloved Хор club, discussing their futures beyond high school.)
Mr. Schue: Well, guys. The день is fast approaching. I want Ты all to start thinking about what you're going to do for the last days in high school, as well as the future that lies ahead for Ты when Ты attend college.
Rachel: No need, Mr. Schue. I'm way ahead of you.
(Rachel walks to the front of the room with a blue briefcase. Mike Chang helps set up the white board. Quinn and Santana wait impatiently.)
Santana (whispering to Quinn): Does her big plans have to be this...well--...
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This is a Список of my Избранное Хор Quotes, Episodes 1-11. I might have forgotten some. Feel free to tell me your избранное too :)

"I am not homophobic. In fact, I have two gay dads. See, I was born out of love. My two dads screened potential surrogates based on beauty and IQ. Then they mixed their sperm together and used a turkey baster. To this день we don't know which one is my real dad, which I think is pretty amazing."
Rachel Berry - Pilot

"This is where our daughter или gay son will sleep."
Terri Schuester - Showmance

"There is nothing ironic about Показать choir!"
Rachel Berry - Pilot

"Have Ты ever...
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posted by uruguaygirl4398
 Хор cast
glee cast
Хор casts tattoos

With a total of nine tattoos, Lea Michele has the most ink of any member of the cast of Glee. Her tats include two Бабочки (one on her right foot and one on her lower back), the words "I Believe" inside her right wrist, Музыка notes from the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" (left shoulder blade), a Золото звезда on her left wrist in honour of Rachel Berry, the word "Imagine" on her left foot, and a пересекать, крест on the side of her left rib cage.
Lea also has a tattoo on her thigh in memory of her deceased grandfather (unseen).

You may not have known it, but Matthew Morrison has a tattoo of a...
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posted by mikfan9
Actual Solos:

Season 1: True Colors

Season 2: I Follow Rivers

Season 3: Because Ты Loved Me

Season 4: Gangman Style, I Don't Know How to Любовь Him,
Hung Up


Season 2: Sing!, Dog Days Are Over

Season 3: L-O-V-E, Flashdance... What a Feeling

Solos in a Group:

Season 1: Push It, Proud Mary, My Life Would Suck Without You, Express Yourself, Bad Romance, Give Up the Funk, To Sir With Love

Season 2: Toxic, One of Us, Time Warp, Start Me Up/Livin on a Prayer, Marry You, The Most Wonderful день of the Year, We Need a Little Christmas, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Deck the Rooftop, Born This Way, Pure Imagination,...
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posted by Crime-Drama-Bee
All of these are in my own opinion. The Статья is not about the actual quality of the songs, but еще of their use in the show. A short note is included after the Название to note the main issue(s). "Done intentionally" means that the faults were acknowledged in the show.

1.    Cell Block Tango - Poor song choice and offensive; done intentionally. The girls just found out that someone is in an abusive relationship. This was probably one of the worst songs they could have chosen to sing. As сказал(-а) in the show, it was by a bunch of violent, crazy women who killed their significant...
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posted by bety_7723
I found the Хор cast addresses (almost all of them) is just so u can send 'em letters...!

Dianna Agron:

Dianna Agron

c/o The Gersh Agency

6th Floor

9465 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2612


Chris Colfer:

Chris Colfer

c/o Coast To Coast Talent Group

3350 Barham Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90068


Jessalyn Gilsig:

Jessalyn Gilsig

c/o Framework Entertainment

9057 Nemo Street

Suite C

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Jane Lynch:

Jane Lynch

c/o Domain

9229 Sunset Blvd.

Suite 415

Los Angeles, CA 90069


Jayma Mays:

Jayma Mays

c/o Framework Entertainment

9057 Nemo Street

Suite C

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Cory Monteith:

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Hello lovely Gleeks !
First of all, thank Ты for taking the time to read this, especially as many of Ты may not Любовь Finn and Rachel as much as I do. This is basically my way of Показ Ты guys how much I adore them and hopeing that, after Ты read it, you'll consider voting me biggest finchel fan.

So why do I Любовь this couple so freaking much that I've bothered Ты all with numerous Статьи about them? Well, to answer this I thought I'd take Ты through each of the seasons and highlight some of the defining moments and add in some of my favourite quotes

Season One,part one
Well, I've loved...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(The graduating seniors are all coming to school 2 weeks before they graduate. For some odd reason, they happen to float down the halls, each giving a voiceover.)
Kurt (voiceover): Ah, senior year. It's coming to an end. It feels like just yesterday that I was thrown into a мусорный контейнер, корзина для мусора, корзины или being slushied by a football jock--who shall remain anonymous. I feel like people are looking up to me rather than making me feel worthless. Now I can behave like the best me I can.
Santana (voiceover): I really don't understand all of this at all. I'm literally the hottest piece of action at this school, and I...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(Kurt Hummel, Brittany Pierce, Santana Lopez, and three members of the God Squad were all in the waiting room of the Saint Mercy Hospital with Mr. Karofsky, Dave Karofsky's dad. He was pacing back and forth, worried about his son. A tear fell down his face.)
Mr. Karofsky: God, no. Not my poor son!
Quinn: Sir, what happened to him?
(Kurt, Santana, and Joe looked worried. Brittany was asleep on Santana's shoulder after waiting in the waiting room for 2 hours.)
Mr. Karofsky: Those evil kids...they bullied him.
Kurt: For what? I thought they liked Dave.
Mr. Karofsky (wiping tears away): At school, they...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
Bad Reputation- Seventeenth episode in the first season of "Glee"
Ballad- Tenth episode in the first season of "Glee"
Baby- Originally by Justin Bieber, sung by Sam Evans in the episode 'Comeback'
 "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Cameron and Lindsay (from "The Хор Project")
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Cameron and Lindsay (from "The Хор Project")

Baby, It's Cold Outside- (1) Originally from the musical film "Neptune's Daughter", sung by Blaine and Kurt in the episode 'A Very Хор Christmas'; (2) Originally from the musical film "Neptune's Daughter", sung by Cameron Mitchell and Lindsay Pearce on "The Хор Project" (episode 5, 'Pairability')
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posted by monLOVEbrucas
 The Хор spot is my секунда home, I'm honored to be chosen for this
The Glee spot is my second home, I'm honored to be chosen for this
So we have the first official FOTM award which goes to the lovely Cat, who contributes alot to the Хор spot and deserves this alot!

1 - Эй, Cat, Congrats on winning the first offical FOTM award, how do Ты feel? Super! The Хор spot is my секунда home, I'm honored to be chosen for this :) There are so many awesome Фаны here.

2-What did Ты first think of Хор when Ты watched it? I actually wasn't as obsessed as I am now- I watched it, and I liked it (I was infatuated with Finn). I got the rest of my family to watch it, and I rewatched it a few times myself. Then I sort of put it out of my mind,...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(Puck was alone in a classroom, looking over some study papers for a test. He had a hard time trying to get ready for a geography test coming up. Finn, Rory, and Sam all came in at sat at his table.)
Finn: Ты look down.
Sam (looking at Puck's study papers): Wow. This is the first time I've seen Ты poke your nose in some notes in a long time.
Puck: I have to get ready for this test. I'm having a hell of a hard time with this.
Rory: When is the test?
Puck: Tomorrow.
Sam: And you're just now saying this because--
Puck: I saw my dad yesterday.

(Puck had a flashback when he was in his backyard...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(New Directions were in the choir room the Далее day, along with some members of the Troubletones who were chosen to sing with an ND member. Will Schuester walked in the room, and placed a stack of papers on вверх of the black piano.)
Mr. Schue: Okay, guys. Who wants to go first for their assignment?
(Rory is sitting between Artie and a Cheerio, Tammy McGee, who he was assigned to work with. He turned towards Tammy and tried getting her attention.)
Rory: Do Ты want go, Tammy?
Santana (putting her hand on Tammy's shoulder): Excuse me, Irish. No one from New Directions is allowed to fool around with...
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(To Will after being accused of doing drugs) I'll pee in a cup! I'll pee. (Pilot)

(To Football Players) I'm not afraid of being called a loser because I can accept that's what I really am. (Pilot)

Quinn: If Ты quit the club, I'll let Ты touch my breast.
Finn: Under the shirt?
Quinn: Over the bra. (Showmance)

Well, when I first joined, I thought Ты were kind of insane. I mean, Ты talk way еще than Ты should and to be honest, I looked under the постель, кровати to see if Ты were hiding there. But...then I heard Ты sing and Ты touched something in me. (Showmance)

Do Ты see anyone else with a plate of "I'm...
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10. Funny Цитаты from Хор : Report

Will to Finn: Ты still owe me that Сообщить on...what Ты did last summer
Finn to Will: Almost half way done with almost all of it Mr. Shu.

09. Funny Цитаты from Хор : Fame

Rachel: Nowadays being anonymous is worse than being poor. Fame is the most important thing in our culture now.

08. Funny Цитаты from Хор : Myspace

Will: There is no joy in these kids, they feel invisible. That's why every one of them has a myspace page.

07. Funny Цитаты from Хор : Surgery

Finn about his mom: She just had surgery.
Puck: What kind of surgery?
Finn: Oh, well, she just had to have...
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