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posted by xxx_brit_xxx
-Kitty gave Marley an eating disorder and Ты guys still like her?

-Artie and Blaine are the best male vocalists

-Will was a creepy/bad teacher (ex: twerking with underaged children, blackmailed Finn into joining Хор club, 'a little less conversation', suspended Marley for not wearing a bikini top, etc)

-Quinn was problematic and literally cheated multiple times

-Finn was one of the most problematic and disrespectful characters and he had pretty privilege. (ex: outing Santana, calling Sues' baby the R slur, using the F slur toward Kurt, convincing Quinn to cheat on Sam even after she сказал(-а) she didn't want to, etc)

-Roar, What does the лиса, фокс say, and Problem were bad songs that are hyped on here for no reason

-Tina's character was ruined after season 3

-Samcedes should've been endgame

-Season 5 was the worst season.

-They shouldn't have had newbies in season 6, considering the Показать was ending soon anyway

-Puck and Karofsky had the best character development in the show

-Some of the best episodes were tribute episodes, and season 3 was the best season

-The double wedding wasn't that bad

-Beiste being transgender was very rushed and made no sense, considering all throughout the Показать Beiste was all about Показ that women can be manly

-Blaine being with Karofsky in season 6 made no sense, they barely interacted unless it was about him bullying Kurt, and they should've had him дата Sebastian instead
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