Хор вверх outfits (VOTING)

sheerika posted on Jun 17, 2012 at 03:08AM
Just post clothes someone write on glee according to my theme

3.Best coat:Sheerika
4.Cheerios uniform:Kathyism
5.Best outfit for Promo:Sheerika
6.Quinn`s hair:Sweetest66
7.Best competiotion outfit:Sweetest66
8.Dream sequence:Sheerika
9.Someone wearing a necklace:Sheerika
10.Best clothes on a red carpet: Sheerika
11. Ugliest outfit:Sweetest66
12. Best Kurt outfit: Sheerika
13. Someone wearing blue: PPPopopipop
14. Christmas outfit: Sweetest66/Sheerinandamian
15. Blaine`s best bow tie: Sweetest66
16. Best prom outfit: Crime-drama-bee
17. Tribute costumes: PPPopopipop
18. Someone wearing a suit; Sweetest66
19. Someone wearing green: Sheerika
20. Couple outfit: Sweetest66
21. Favorite dress: Sweetest66
22. Favorite Superhero outfit: Clara_valentina
23. Favorite hairstyle: Bellejac
24. Lipstick: Nicky23
25. Favorite wedding themed dress: Sheerika
26. Someone wearing a scarve: Sheerika
27. Microphone: Sweetest66
28. Someone wearing pink: Sheerika
29. Someone holding a trophy: Sheerinandamian
30. Competition clothes: Sheerika
31. A glee cartoon: Sheerinandamian
32. Ugly shoes: Nicky23
33. Fav award dress: Sheerika
34. Sue`s tracksuits: Sheerinandamian
35. Artie`s outfits: Vampessed
36. Troubletone outfits: Nicky23
37. Favorite Rachel outfit: Kittlin00
28. Sue from superbass: Sheerinadamian
29. Parts from Wannabe: Vampessed
30. Marley outfit: Clara_valentina
31. Fav Micheal clothes: Sheerika
32. Bracelets: Vampessed
33. Special guest outfit: Famelover23
34. Outfit from a school play: Sheerika
35. Lord tubbington: Sheerika
36. Stripes: Famelover23
37. Polka dots: Famelover23
38. Purple: Sheerinandamian
39. White: Sheerika
40. Mamma Mia clothes: Nicky23
41. Skirts: Nicky23
42. Rocky horror clothes: Sheerika
43. Favourite puppet: Jasamfan23
44. Outfit from "Love love love":
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