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'Glee' Season 3 Wish List: 9 Things I Want to See



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WE need a brother duet between Finn & Kurt (perferably "Will You Be There" by Michael Jackson), along with more scenes between them cuz lets face it the chemistry between Cory & Chris is unbeatable, undeniable and untouchable!!! We also need a Michael Jackson Tribute episode (i know we got thriller but there's so many great songs besides thriller that I'd love to see the cast cover), A Doors tribute episode (common their music is timeless and influential), 80s tribute episode, more solos for Kurt (but its time to see his aggressive rocker side, broadway & ballads are getting old)!!!
posted Больше года.
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abigiggle said:
we NEED:
WAY MORE brittany,quinn,tina and emma solo's (because frankly they dont get enough credit!)

quinn and rachel duets!!!

santana and brittany duets!!!

a disney tribute episode

a michael jackson tribute episode

MORE will and emma scenes(and for them to get back together!!!!!!!)

lots of hard hitting story lines that carry on throughout more than just 2 episodes!!!

a full episode of emma
posted Больше года.