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Fresh from her humiliating stint as a TV actress, Rachel decides to "Let it Go," Пение the hit track from the movie "Frozen."
let it go
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As I stood there froze they began to clap I got really eager and in a squeaky voice I said
Me: So am I in или not???
Will: Of course
as soon as he сказал(-а) that I let out еще squeaks of excitement
Will: Well go sit Далее to Mercedes
Me: OK
as I sat and will taught the lesson I found myself staring over at Artie. I thought about the one in a million chance that Artie would ever like me. I had realized the колокол, колокольчик, белл rang and everyone except artie had left
Artie: Эй, your pretty good.
Me: Ya I gu- guess
I was stammering I felt my cheeks get bright red and then he siad the words
Artie: I gotta go and catch up with...
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