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posted by BlondLionEzel
(Part 1)

*Sea of Japan*

Fishing лодка Captain: *Laughs* This bad weather is nothing!

Fishing лодка Member #1: Compared to your ego...

Fishing лодка Captain: What was that?

Fishing лодка Member #1: Oh, nothing.

Fishing лодка Captain: Good. Now, lets bring in the nets!

Fishing лодка Member #2: *Runs in frantically* Captain! Captain!

Fishing лодка Captain: What is it?

Fishing лодка Member #2: It’s...huge! *Passes out*

*Suddenly, the лодка begins shaking and turning*

Fishing лодка Captain: Hey! What’s going!

Fishing лодка Member #1: Um...captain...

Fishing лодка Captain: What is it?

Fishing лодка Member #1: Um..it...uh...

Fishing лодка Captain: SPIT IT OUT! *Turns around and sees a large thing*

Godzilla: *His eye is staring straight at the Fishing лодка Captain*

Fishing лодка Captain: *Screams*

Godzilla: *Puts the ship in his mouth and smashes it in half, and then roars*

*A few days later, Tokyo, Japan*

Nick Roy: *Riding his bike through the city* I gotta get to the office!

*A few минуты later*

Nick Roy: *Walks into the News Office* I’m here!

Takashi Nobunaga: Nick! You’re not late this time!

Nick Roy: Yep! It’s a new record, right?

Faith Lewellyn: *Walks in* Hello!

Takashi Nobunaga: Faith! Welcome!

Nick Roy: Hello. How are you?

Faith Lewellyn: I’m doing good.

Nick Roy: Well that’s good to know *Sighs* Any new stories?

Takashi Nobunaga: Well...a лодка in the Sea of Япония was sunken...we need a messenger to get some info...Nick!

Nick Roy: Yes?

Takashi Nobunaga: I want Ты to go.

Nick Roy: Really? Yay! *Jumps in excitement*

Takashi Nobunaga: Well it’s starting soon, so get going!

Nick Roy: Okay!

*Later, the Press Conference*

News Reporter #1: So what sunk that ship in the Sea of Japan?

Scientest #1: Well, we don’t-

News Reporter #2: Is it an alien?

News Reporter #3: Is it a dinosaur?

News Reporter #4: Was it a natural disaster?

Nick Roy: *Gets up* My fellow reporters, I think that we should give these scientists a time to talk!

*All of the news reporters go quiet*

Scientest #1: What I am trying to say is that we have found footage of this creature we have named “Gojira”.

Nick Roy: *Raises his hand*

Scientest #1: Yes?

Nick Roy: Why did Ты name it Gojira?

Scientest #1: Well, it is the combined words for gorilla and whale, Gorira and Kujira.

Scientest #2: We chose this name because it seemed to swim well and it appears to be quite strong.

Nick Roy: *Raises hand*

Scientest #2: Yes?

Nick Roy: Where is it heading?

Scientest #2: We have predicted that it shall appear Далее in Tokyo Bay.

*Suddenly, all of the crowd becomes loud and boisterous*

Nick Roy: Tokyo...

*Suddenly, an earthquake shakes the ground*

Scientest #2: It’s an earthquake!

Nick Roy: *Ducks on the ground*

News Reporters: *Run from the building*

Nick Roy: *Jumps on his bike* I need to find Faith! *Rides his bike through the breaking city*

*Suddenly, a large foot steps Далее to Nick Roy, missing*

Nick Roy: *Falls off his bike* OW! *Looks up* Now way...

Godzilla: *Roars and blasts his Atomic Breath at the conference hall*

Nick Roy: *Starts to run and ducks behind a piece of rubble*

Godzilla: *Fires another blast at Atomic Breath at another large building*

Nick Roy: *Runs*
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