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Temptation of the Best Kind- Chapter Eight

What was the best way to destroy Nate? The thought had raced through her mind continuously for the last twelve hours and Blair still didn’t have an answer to it. But the time had come for Nate to be absolutely humiliated in front of all his Друзья and to essentially be destroyed. She didn’t care what the consequences where to her actions anymore, he could try to ruin her if he wanted.
She had Остаться в живых everything because of him and his stupid ultimatum. Nothing was еще important than Chuck and Nate had made sure that she Остаться в живых him forever. That had...
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 Not liking what you're seeing B?
Not liking what you're seeing B?
Read Part 1 if Ты haven't already:

Read Part 2 if Ты haven't already:

Read Part 3 if Ты haven't already:

Read Part 4 if Ты haven't already:

Thanks so much for all your reviews! I know I keep saying that, but trust me they mean so much to me. I try to get back to them as quickly as possibly, but to the people who don’t have an account, I can’t. =(
But I just wanted to say thanks so much to your support.

But most importantly I wanted to make a quick shout out to “GG_Bass” on Gossip Girl Insider. Thanks for all your support, and thanks for posting my fic up in the...
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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
A/N: YAY! I finally updated something! Short, I know, but I'm already working on chapter three which I'm sure will be Опубликовано by later on tonight.

Warning: Rape invloved.
No matter how hard she tried to scream, she couldn't. His hand was placed firmly over her mouth, his grip on her around her neck tight.

"Now, now, Blair. Don't try anything stupid," Jack warned her, wagging the index finger on his free hand. What the fuck? Who did he think she was? A fucking kindergardener? "I wouldn't wanna have to snap your pretty little neck." He put down is free hand and removed his other hand from her mouth....
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A/N: Okay I totally LOVE Lily Allen's new song 'The Fear' so I thought I'd take lyrics from the song and use as a fanfic base for this one shot. I've taken a break from Письмо cos I've finished the Chuck and Blair Chronicles so I'm just waiting to post, But boredness+Me= Writing! :( Don't know if this style of Письмо Форс-мажоры me или not, So give me your opinion. Thank you. Hope Ты like it.
A/U: Okay so I read Lauren's (ChuckBlairLuvA) one shot fanfic the other день and I totally loved it and the idea of a future setting so this scene is set some time in the future, When Blair is leaving for Yale,...
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 Ты know Ты Любовь em.
You know you love em.
Over the past week and a half, we have been eliminating our beloved UESers one at a time to determine the Избранное among the devoted Фаны of this spot. Some held on longer than expected, while others were defeated early on. It was a fierce battle and most put up a good fight but in the end there can only be one ruler of this kingdom...Lets get to the results.

 'I kinda feel sorry for Jenny these days, although that doesn't stop me from disliking her.' -AmberMW
'I kinda feel sorry for Jenny these days, although that doesn't stop me from disliking her.' -AmberMW
Jenny Humphrey- It takes a special person to beat out the Vanessa hate and claim the Название of Least Favorite, and Little J did just...
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Guggenheim Museum
Stylish and elegant are words Ты use to not only describe Blair Waldorf but also this Upper East Side museum. A modern museum, the Guggenheim has some of the most interesting exhibits in all of the world.

Bliss Spa
Whenever Blair is feeling stressed или tense she heads here for a deep tissue massage или a bacial (that’s a facial for your back).

Henri Bendel’s
Blair loves this store not only for their fabulous clothes but also for their wide array of headbands. Blair’s mother recently designed a line for this upscale boutique.

Wollman Ice Rink
Every Рождество Blair and her father...
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 I'm a Chuck Bass. Photo: Courtesy of the Empire Hotel
I'm a Chuck Bass. Photo: Courtesy of the Empire Hotel
Like Gilt before it, the Empire Hotel is taking advantage of its Последнее (and frequent) Gossip Girl name-drops by introducing show-themed drinks to its коктейль menu. Starting tonight, sip the "Jenny’s Tartlet" (Montecristo white rum, mint, ruby-red grapefruit, and a lollipop: “Sweet yet pushy, she packs a zingy punch. She’ll take the limelight at any cost ... Kids these days”); the "I'm Chuck Bass" (Dewar’s scotch, red apple, ginger bites, and яблоко cider); или the intriguing but terrifying "XOXO" with “all secret ingredients.” Get drunk and act irresponsibly, like all your Избранное Gossip Girl characters, for only $15 a drink.

Read more: Drink Like a Gossip Girl at the Empire Hotel -- Grub улица, уличный New York link
By: Aileen Gallagher
“Dan was a mistake and I never should’ve gotten involved with him in the first place. Nate is the one who I Любовь and am planning on marrying not to mention spending the rest of my life with. I never loved Dan because Nate is the only one I’m in Любовь with. As for the reason why Scott is here, we have gotten close with him and his adoptive family thus the reason why they were invited. He is my brother just as much as Eric not to mention the fact that my father loves and adores him. Leave and get out now before we call security to throw Ты out and back to where Ты came from.” Serena...
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    “I don’t know. We need to have an emergency meeting of the NJBC with Nate and Serena now to discuss our course of action. I’ll call Nate and Ты call Serena.”
    Nate and Serena had gotten the same alerts as Chuck and Blair and were just as shocked as they were. The last time any of them had seen Jenny Humphrey или her family was the night of the double engagement party for Chuck, Blair, Nate, and Serena where it had been revealed that she was trying to sabotage Nate and Serena’s engagement on behalf of her brother Dan who wanted Serena to...
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“Why not?”
    “That is a story that your father and I will tell Ты five later but first I need to let the rest of your siblings know their futures.”
    While Serena was telling Christopher, Blair was telling Samantha the same thing. They knew that they had made the right decisions for the futures of their children even though they didn’t let Nate and Chuck in on their master plan. After informing Ethan, Ryan, and Danielle about their marriages to Ashley, Elizabeth, and Cameron, Serena decided that she needed to inform Blair that she had told...
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    Roxanne just stood there in shock as she heard her mother telling her that she already had a fiancé despite the fact that they had just started dating. She remembered her father telling her that he could come to him if he had any Вопросы and that was her Далее stop. She excused herself from her meeting with his mother and decided to ask her father if he knew what her mother had planned или if he was shocked as well. “Did Ты know what Mom was planning in regards to my future, Dad?” Roxanne asked.
    “No. Your mother surprised me with this bombshell...
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    As Blair was figuring out how to explain to their children what she had planned for their futures, Chuck was wondering why she had never told him any of this. She planned to tell each child one by one about what she did during her pregnancy with them. “Do I start with Roxanne или Cameron first, Chuck?” Blair asked.
    “My guess is to tell Roxanne first since she’s the oldest and then work your way down the line. I’ll be here if they have any Вопросы after Ты tell them.” Chuck answered.
    Chuck called the children...
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“What did Ты do, Mom?” Jason asked.
    “How do Ты feel about Roxanne? Do Ты like her?”
    “Yes, I like her. Why are Ты asking me this?”
    “Roxanne is your fiancée, sweetheart. Blair and I arranged for the two of Ты to marry when you’re ready. Chuck and your father had no idea that we did this. She and I agreed that the time has come for us to come clean with each of our children.”
    Jason just stood there in shock as he heard his mother telling him that he already had a fiancée despite...
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 Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Part 2

Its the final день of filming. The GG gang are filming the last few of the wedding scenes and the atmosphere is really good but emotional as the cast know it's their last день together before their holidays.
They have just filmed Chuck's wedding speech and are taking their lunch break.

Leighton and Ed have eaten their lunch and are standing around on set talking.

L: Эй, let me know if Ты see Seb, he сказал(-а) he was coming today but he's not here yet.
E: Ever heard of a phone...you can use it to contact someone to find out where they are.
L: (laughs) Well i dont have it with me do I! its in my locker....
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 Gossip Girl-Main Cast
Gossip Girl-Main Cast
Gossip Girl Cast

Blake Lively: Serena фургон, ван der Woodsen
Leighton Meester: Blair Waldorf
Penn Badgley: Dan Humphrey
Chace Crawford: Nate Archibald
Taylor Momsen: Jenny Humphrey
Ed Westwick: Chuck Bass
Kelly Rutherford: Lily фургон, ван der Woodsen
Matthew Settle: Rufus Humphrey

Gossip Girl Directors

Bob Levy: Executive Producer
J. Miller Tobin: Director
Jamie Babbit: Director
Jessica Queller: Producer
Jonathan C. Brody: Co-Producer
Josh Schwartz: Executive Producer
Lee Shallat Chemel: Director
Leslie Morgenstein: Executive Producer
Mark Piznarski: Director
Michael Fields: Director
Norman Buckley: Director
Patrick Norris:...
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 Photo: Courtesy of the CW
Photo: Courtesy of the CW
Even someone without Blair Waldorf's unerring nose for sexual tension would have caught a whiff of the mammalian scent in the air on Gossip Girl last night. Pheromones coursed through the characters' bodies like so many high-grade drugs transported from Holland by a disaffected diplomat's son: The Назад episode's ménage, we learned, has changed the chemistry of the relationship between Dan, Vanessa, and Olivia, after Olivia suspects Dan and Vanessa's feelings for each other go beyond friendship, which Dan awkwardly confirms when, during the gang's ridiculous performance of Snow White, he...
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Story: 'You make me feel funny'

Author: Ana

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl.

Summary: Blair is determined to never get involved with a man again and she was successful until she met her new boss. He annoys her since the first день and she really doesn't know why she feels like she’s high school girl again around him. Still she knows she can't give up as she has a secret that would make someone like Chuck бас, бас-гитара run away the секунда he found out. AU

Hi! New update is here :) I Любовь to write this one now so it’s sooner than I update usual and sorry there’s not a new ‘French...
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posted by girly_girl
Some of my fave Chair Цитаты from season one!

Chuck: I'm honoured to be playing even a small role in your deflowering.
Blair: You're disgusting.
Chuck: Yes, I am, so why be shy?

Blair: You're heinous.
Chuck: Which is probably why Ты called.
Blair: Ты know me well.

Chuck: Admit it, even for me, this is good.
Blair: If Ты weren't such a perv, i'm sure the CIA would hire Ты in a second.
Chuck: Defending my country? There's a future I never imagined.
Blair: With good reason.

Chuck: It's a facility for the disturbed или addicted.
Blair: Ты must have your own wing.
Chuck: Ты don't get nearly enough credit...
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Gossip girl has adopted a cloned feature of single streamed story-lines, without any real development или substance. Characters develop overnight personalities and the actual 'Gossip Girl' is now used to relay simple jokes, that we could actually do without, as her story is unexplained. It leaves me wondering whether или not the writers personally chose these stories to insult Фан intelligence, или if they are carrying this series down a road where inspiration has Остаться в живых it's taste.

I used this episode as the final decision maker behind this conclusive realization. This would possibly be my final...
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 Sit on something Bass?
Sit on something Bass?
Read Part 1 if Ты havent already:)

Read Part 2 if Ты haven't already:)

Omg!! I don’t even know where to start on saying my THANKS to everyone who had reviewed it или made it as a story alert/favourite alert etc…. THANK Ты SO MUCH! Honestly I never would expect to even get one review, или at least having one person to like it. So thank Ты guys<33
And, sorry about the lateness in this, I actually wrote this entire thing without editing in one night, but I didn‘t get a chance to Редактировать it sooner due to homework=] So hope Ты guys enjoy, and again thank Ты so much.
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