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This is something Болталка i decided to do... its jus a memory Blair had when their lives were so simple, enjoy!

Blair, Serena, Chuck and Nate all came out of 4th period. They were so sick of 7th grade already that they decided to do something еще mature later on tonight. Well Chuck was the one to suggest it. They were going to go to the roof of his fathers hotel and get drunk on their parents expensive forgein alchohol. Blair seemed a little reluctant but she was fine with it after Serena talked her into it.

"10 o clock S. Ты ready to have some fun?" she giggled with...
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 Spotted: Chuck....alone again?
Spotted: Chuck....alone again?

My 1st ever one shot, i hope ive written it well, i usually do multi episode script format fics so i hope this goes down well. Its nothing that good to be honest, its just cuz i got a feeling after watching 2x06 and wanted to change the ending of the episode, so here goes...!

Takes place as the gang are leaving Yale университет at the end of 2x06 New Haven Can Wait.

Chuck was standing Далее to his limo, he was about to get in when he spotted Nate with Dan in the distance, talking, laughing.
He couldn't believe it, that should have been him.


wait, Chuck бас, бас-гитара never compares himself to...
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There are many theories as to why it makes no sense for Dan to be Gossip Girl, from feigning shock for the walls of his bedroom, to spreading rumers about Jenny’s sex life and sabotaging his own relationship with Serena multiple times and even making трещина, сплит decisions based on posts that he just saw on gossip girl.

I could rationalize all of these theories, but so far in my rewatching there is one reason that stands above all and makes it actually completely physically IMPOSSIBLE for Dan to be gossip girl. SEASON 2 EPISODE 15!!!!! First of all, Nelly Yuki steals Dans phone!! Right away wouldn’t...
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1. Because they are a match made in heaven.

2. they are the golden couple.

3. nate Остаться в живых his virginity to her

4. when she came back he was still not over her

5. he thinks she is the most beutifull, amazing alive person he has ever known.

6.he is her natie

7. they have been best Друзья since they were kids

8.he knows the real serena

9. she is the only woman he has ever loved

10. nobody....especialy jenny humphrey can stop them....

11.because she's always had a crush on him

12. in the Книги she Остаться в живых her v-card to nate

13. he left his half-naked girlfriend to go and see her.

14. they wish they could re-live their first time.

15. because the best friend and the boyfiend always make the best match.

16. they always end up together..

17. when he sees her he gets nervous

18. during family problems...they are there for each other

19. they are good enough for each other

20. because the viewers Любовь them!
 Something on your mind B?
Something on your mind B?
Episode 8: Just Missing

GG: Эй, Upper East Siders, So things have been a little quiet here over the last few weeks, and Gossip Girl is not happy, What happened to scandal? I can't believe I'm saying this but it looks like Gossip Girl is...Bored!

In Class at Constance.
The teacher is giving a leacture.
Blair is sitting by Serena and is looking bored and is not paying attention, because her mind is on other things. (Chuck)

T: (Teacher) And so If Ты all open your text Книги to page 19, Which will focus on our creative Письмо techniques. So your work for this course will be to write a paper titled...
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 Hot Property...
Hot Property...
Episode 5: Natural born lovers

GG: Эй, Upper East Siders, Yes we're back, Our trip is over. It's sad to leave, Rome had it's scandals but There's no place like Главная for scandals and I'll choose Manhattan everytime...

(On the plane journey home)

Chuck and Blair and laughing, joking, chatting and just having fun on the plane.
They are playing a game with playing cards.
Blair has just won the game.

B: Yes! I win...again!
C: No. Ты cheated
B: No, I'm just better than you
C: Oh really? (Chuck reaches over to Blair and begins to tickle her, Blair laughs histerically)
B: Stop, Chuck...Stop...Your killing...
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I'm gonna write something diffrent from the normal Фан fiction. I'm going to write a scene for Gossip Girl for Chuck and Blair.


Chuck Bass
Blair Waldorf
Serena фургон, ван der Woodsen
Dan Humphrey

Chuck has waited so long to tell Blair he loves her, that she has fallen out of Любовь with him. Chuck is in total regret about what he hasn't done, and tried everything to convince Blair she still loves him.
- Dan, Serena and Blair are in a cafe.

Scene 3- Cafe in the Lower East Side

Serena and Dan are Поцелуи in another area of the cafe.
Blair walks up to Dan and Serena.

Blair: Ohh excuse me while I...
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 "You were just what Chuck?"
"You were just what Chuck?"
Read Part 1 if Ты haven't already:

Read Part 2 if Ты haven't already:

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Read Part 5 if Ты haven't already:

Alright here’s the Далее chapter. Sorry again for the late update, I’ve been swamped in with homework and tests (STILL! ERGGGH!) I know,,, and exams aren’t even coming yet, well ….kinda…
So, hopefully this will meet most of everyone’s approval. Inspired by one of my favourite show, My Wife and Kids.
And OF COURSE as always thank Ты for all your beautiful reviewsJ Ты have no idea what that...
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 Back together at last!
Back together at last!
Chair Tales S02E11- Meet The Parents

It's the morning after the Любовь in Limo incident. Blair and Chuck are still in New York at a hotel suite where they stayed the night. Blair would be meeting with Dan and Serena that morning to go back to Connecticut. Chuck had told Blair that he was staying in New York for a week или so on business and that she should go Главная with Serena and Dan and he'd see her when he got back home. She'd agreed and told him that things would be different when they were finally reunited at home, things would be better. He сказал(-а) he couldn't wait to put the past behind them...
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hello everybody! i am so sorry it took me so long to write a chapter 4 but with the holidays i havent been around long enough to concentrate! i live in massachusetts so i had no power for a week and a half with the storm and all! but in this chapter i am going to be doing alot of bouncing around with the characters! this shall be interesting! so be aware! lol. thx for Чтение i appreciate all of Ты for being so patient! enjoy!

"What time is it?" Nate сказал(-а) looking at his watch. Him and Serena had been waiting for Blair to be ready for almost an час now. "Well what do Ты expect Nate?...
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posted by lucadakota
If your a Фан on him found his official twitter page.
_pennbadgley hes not good at responding but ....still thats pretty damn cool that hes finally on there so is blake lively and chase. I think its about time twitter verifies them though. either way the Показать is cool even if being a guy i shouldnt watch it . haha oh well

Franklin & Bash is also a really interesting Показать if ur not watching it. Wish i could see еще of blake lively though on еще Фильмы Green Lantern was cool hopefully she will get еще roles and not just be noticed from Gossip Girl shes really
posted by nataliaryanfan
"Stop! Stop!"

The piercing force wasn't stopping, she tried to grasp for anything, the sheets wouldn't help, he was too powerful to push off and he just kept repeating the same motion.

"Please, stop... ... please." She was begging, pleading, to make it end.

It made her sick, knowing how this was going to end. Nobody was coming and nothing was there to save her from him. No hero to destroy the villain and save the day. Inside she was begging for that hero, but for her the villain won. He was pulling her hair, breathing down her neck. She felt gross, worse then after throwing up. Her eyes held...
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GG: Gossip Girl here, your one and only Источник into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Spotted. Blair Waldorf and Serena фургон, ван der Woodsen stepping into the pharmacy. To pick up what? We’ll know soon enough. Ты know Ты Любовь me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

[Inside Pharmacy]

(Blair’s phone goes off at the same time that Serena’s does)

B: Ты have got to be kidding me!

S: B, don’t worry. After we buy the pregnancy test, we’ll put it in one of our purses.

B: What good will that do, S?!? What if someone steps into the pharmacy and takes a picture of us buying it???? The blast will be all over...
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There may come a point in your life where Ты would have to choose between what's best for a friend или your boyfriend. Even if Ты think Ты would be right choosing one way, Ты would not be able to avoid hurting someone close to you.

Blair had a series of battles on her hands in 'How to Succeed in Bassness'. It made sense why Chuck's desires came over Serena's needs; Chuck was the one who resented her for manipulating him in 'Enough about Eve'. Blair seems to find different ways to make every situation centered around her and she rarely notices how her decisions affect those around her.

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A/N: Okay, so essentially…I am scared to death to watch the episode tomorrow. I have been informed of the complete recap already, as well as pretty much what will happen in the following week and significant clues as to what will follow after that. Essentially, I am hoping the eric/jenny cuteness will keep me sane until everything pulls together in close to the last episode. *sigh* This is killing me, and literally the only thing keeping me alive are my fanfictions and those that I read and review. God Bless CB fluff, cause seriously I don’t know if I would be able to survive all these...
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Okay so i am attempting to continue this... like always fellow fans, here goes nothing!

She couldnt stop thinking about what Sheila Duncan had said. Chuck has a crush on her? No. It didnt register in her mind. Come on its... Chuck Bass! "I mean seriously come on." she сказал(-а) aloud, she was alone in her room on the edge of her bed. Scribbling doodles of her and Nate with kids and a dog in her diary. But then she looked at her drawing again. It kind looked like... Chuck. She shuddered shaking off the thought. Her brand new phone bleeped it read: ONE NEW TEXT MESSAGE. She opened it and...
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posted by bl0ndy
Edward "Ed" Westwick (born June 27, 1987) is an English actor best known for his role as Chuck бас, бас-гитара amongst the main cast on the American Телевидение series Gossip Girl. He is also the lead singer of the English rock band The Filthy Youth.

Westwick was born into a family of two older brothers, his father a lecturer in Business Studies and his mother an educational psychologist. He attended St Ippolyts Church of England Primary School and the Barclay School in Stevenage, England. He was attending North Herts College when he made his first film, Breaking and Entering, directed by the late Anthony...
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posted by emmagossipgirl7
1: chuck's uncle jack return for a longer time.

2: guest Показ of chuck's signature scarf from season 1.

3: blair to realise she doesnt want louis she wants chuck

4: chair reuinion

5: serena and nate together.

6: serena and nate baby.

7: dan to leave blair alone and Переместить on (No еще dair please i beg)

8: charlie and georgina to scheam together.

9: another nice moment between chuck and jack (like the end of shattered бас, бас-гитара was a beautiful moment)

10: еще chuck and serena brother sister moments.

11: jenny as her normal sweet self. (I know she will only be guest starring)

12: jenny and eric brother sister...
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posted by GGLover_1
A/N: Эй, guys I'm sorry i have been away for so long, but i hated when i don't get internet reception for weeks, and then all of a sudden she comes back. Here's my new Фан fiction about Chair. And to those who read my other's I'll be updating them soon. Thanks and I hope Ты like it.

Summary: Blair Waldorf is a young, beautiful, 18 год old, dark haired girl who was raised in California by her New Yorker parents. As a little girl she used to visit her grandparents in the Upper East Side, and she remembered having Друзья there. Now she graduated from high school and went to college, Yale, only...
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 Gossip Girl Season 1
Gossip Girl Season 1
The following is my review of Gossip Girl Season One, I will be posting a секунда part for Season 2 once Season 2 finishes! hope Ты like it, make sure to Комментарии and leave your thoughts!


I've loved Gossip Girl right from go and i've been totally obsessed with it from the moment Kristen колокол, колокольчик, белл said, "You Know Ты Любовь Me" for the very first time. I've even found myself Письмо Фан fiction as i've always had a burning passion for Письмо movie scripts, so combining my two passions together and there Ты have it...Gossip Girl fanfic!


So im going to try and be as neutral...
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