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orkneymatrix posted on Jun 08, 2010 at 07:05PM
As new leader it is my job to list the allegiances:

Cloudstar {orkneymatrix} a white tom with blue eyes. Deafness cured, still some glitches.


Alpha Warrior
Tangleheart {TeamPeeta649} a black and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Medicine Cat
Icetail {Icetail_love} a pure white she-cat with blind blue eyes, but her other senses are extrordinarily sharp.
Medicine Cat Apprentice:Bluepaw {orkneymatrix} a white she-cat with blue eyes. Slightly deaf.

Mouserise {Mousefang} a mousey brown she-cat with blue eyes.
Ferneve {Evestar03} a mousey brown she-cat with green eyes.
Bluemist {Rainsky57} a silver she-cat with green eyes.
Flowerheart {brightclaw} a brown tabby she-cat with grey eyes.
Shadowfrost {Rustyfireheart} a black she-cat with white paws and white rims around ears, white tip on tail, splash of white on chest, one eye is light purple, the other is ocean blue.
Poppyrose {Mousefang} a firey ginger she-cat with glazing amber eyes.
Pebblepelt {Mousefang} a shimmering golden tabby she-cat with deep green eyes.
Rowanfire {brightclaw} a shimmering golden tabby she-cat with deep green eyes.
Deerspirt {smartone123} pretty brown she-cat with a pinkish tint with a small fluffy tail and a white chest, paws and muzzle with amber eyes.
Tigerclaw {GhostOfTigerstar} a big dark brown tabby tom with long front claws and blue eyes.
Flowerfur {cariea} a black and white she-cat with blue eyes.
Claw {scourgestar55} white she-cat with black spots and blue eyes.
Brambleshadow {Bramblestar1} a bramble coloured she-cat with green eyes and lighter brown specks.
Spottedheart {RustyFireheart} a fire coloured tom with blue eyes.
Whitefang {Mousefang} a mostly white tom with some black and blue eyes.
Ambereye {Evestar03} a brown she-cat with black stripes and amber eyes.
Swallowthroat {jbinthehouse} a silver tom with dark streaks along his back with bright green eyes.
Starleg {smartone123} a fluffy dark grey she-cat with a white star-shaped birth mark on leg with amber eyes.
Apprentice, Leafpaw
Fernleaf {WarriorsCats} cowardly small brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.
Apprentice, Blaze
Stormcloud {WarriorsCats} black tom with blue eyes.
Ghostclaw {scourgestar55} a long, white furred tom with yellow eyes. Formerly a kittypet.
Flameclaw {Dovemoon} a firey ginger she-cat with glazing amber eyes.
Mossshine {Spottedtail139} a white she-cat with blue-grey clumps and clear blue eyes.

Leafpaw {Riversplash} a small black-and-white she-cat with gentle blue eyes.
Blaze {scourgestar55} orange tom with a white underbelly and blue eyes.

Sorrelheart {brightclaw} a tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.
Breezeclaw {pongo2121} a black she-cat. (Mate: Breezepelt)

Silverwind {cariea1} a black and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Sorrelheart's litter
Fishkit {} a grey she-cat.
Hillkit {} a mousy brown tom.
Molekit {} a grey tom with blue eyes.
Angelstar's litter
Birchkit {orkneymatrix} a tortoiseshell-and-white she-kit with shining amber eyes.
Breezeclaw's litter
Clawkit {} a black tom with grey eyes.
Fuzzykit {} a black and white she-kit with long fur.

(If warriors could retire, elders be reborn and some cats comment more and maybe take on another position in the clan that would be appreciated. NOTE: If you are not on in a period, you will be cut from the allegiances.)
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