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Chapter 1

Annabeth sighed as she put away the фото book that she and Percy had made that summer. They had left camp Half-Blood and were headed for the roman camp on the Argo||. Just then Piper came into the room,"we're here." she said. Annabeth was having Бабочки in her stomach. "What if he doesn't remember me? what if he's with another girl now?" she thought, but she tried not to think about it as she walked down the steps to the Roman camp. There were whispers and people pointing at them. "Hey look we're famous!" сказал(-а) Leo, Annabeth was looking frantically for Percy. Then the crowd parted and a boy and a girl who looked like they were wearing bedsheets walked forward. The boy had black hair and green eyes the color of the sea. "PERCY!" Annabeth ran into his outsretched arms and their lips met.When they finally broke apart Percy said, "I missed Ты Annabeth." "I missed Ты too" сказал(-а) Annabeth.
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The earth (Gaea) and the Sky (Uranus) meet and there was the creation of the first divine species in the world. They are called Titans. They rule the world with their own will until they propagate. They possess Сверхъестественное power. These abilities were inherited by their own prodigy. The titans turn to evil and greedy when it comes to power. They turned to kill everyone who might just take their place, even their own offspring. The great Uranus was killed by one of his great son, the Titan named Kronos.
Until Kronos rule, he bitterly eats his own sons and daughter...
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Эй, everybody this is my first story I hope Ты like it!

Annabeths POV

As I sat in my кабина I worried. I worried if percy had found a new girlfriend in the 8 MONTHS that Hera украл, палантин him from me!!! Who gave her the permission to take him like that from me and wipe his memory!!! And that was another thing, would he even remember me? Would it be like “hi Percy I've missed Ты so much!” Then “um who are you?” No, couldn't let myself think like that. I would kill myself worrying and I'd never find out. I have to think positive I told myself. Maybe he did remember me and everything would be...
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all right. Эй, guys and galls this is the same thing just in a different club.

i am Письмо a mark of athena that is coming up first.

some might make sense. when it's up tell me HONESTLY if its good.

all SoN and PJO stuff belongs to Rick Rordain

main characters:

i will post 2 days max!!!!

this is the mark of athena my style....

sorry. wont let me Опубликовать so...
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