Greek and Roman Camp Half-Blood Camp half blood and camp Jupiter RP

pink-bookworm posted on Sep 24, 2011 at 12:45AM
Both camps live peacefully Until they unite because of an upcoming war and also to save their best camper Percy Jackson and for the Romans Jason grace.
This is kinda like the heroes of Olympus but with us the fellow fan poppers I just thought it would be interesting.




Greek or roman?;



Current demigods.

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Больше года pink-bookworm said…
Name: shailee

Age: 14

Parent: Athena

Greek or roman?: Greek

Personality: shy, friendly, a bit crazy and weird, loyal, great friend

Looks/picture: curly blonde hair and sparkling green eyes
Больше года Bookruler133 said…
Greek or Roman:Greek
Personality:Daring,crazy, nice, sometimes a little bossy, and also caring.

She has long dark brown wavy hair and purple eyes.
Больше года kylaluvscows said…
I will do the signing up thing but I need to know how to get the cartoon pictures of the people like I saw in another forum
Больше года pink-bookworm said…
Well you can look them up on Internet like there is anime you can use then there are sites like Lunaii and Tektek you can use.