Hakuouki (Демоны бледной сакуры) Hakuouki (Демоны бледной сакуры) Shinsengumi Kitan PSP game to come to NA

Sinsational posted on Oct 25, 2011 at 02:32AM
It's being localized by Aksys and has an official release date of February 14, 2012. You can find more info on their webpage in their blogs/updates, or on their forums.

Pre-orders are up on Amazon. There is a LE set and a regular one. There's also supposed to be a digital download available once the game is out as well. Personally, I'd rather have the goodies with the LE version.

Make sure to spread the word to ALL your friends and let them know. We need to support the series as well as the otome game genre in general so we can get more of these games! Aksys is basically testing the waters with this and if it does poorly, there's a good chance we'll lose our biggest opportunity to have otome games come to NA. If it does well, Aksys has dropped hints at bringing over other otome titles in the future.

Let Hakuouki fans and general anime fans know about this. Or even twilight fans since they love the whole vampire/romance thing. Also make sure to pre-order the game instead of waiting for it to come out at a local store to show that there is a demand for this type of game, and because since it is a niche game, some local stores may not even carry it (i know a few of my gamestop stores have a dwindling selection of PSP games, despite the handheld having a great gaming library).

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Больше года PanduhLuver24 said…
Will this game also be on the Play Station Store? I have te unfortunate disadvantage of having the psp go and I am inable to return it. If not is there any way I can still get it after it releases?