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“You do want Elena back, right?” Jeremy asked. He was sitting at the living таблица with Stefan. They were in the boarding house. Katherine was upstairs, refusing to be part of any of this.
“Jeremy, she is still my girlfriend” Stefan said. “I haven’t Остаться в живых her”
Jeremy nodded. “Yeah, I guess that’s why she’s with Damon now” he said.
Stefan closes his eyes, trying not to lose his temper. “She’s a free girl, Jeremy, she’s not my possession” he сказал(-а) with a trembling voice that made it sound like he thought otherwise. “Damon is her friend and I promised I wouldn’t keep...
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Bonnie and Caroline were walking through the woods, heading for the witch cabin. Something about what Keith had сказал(-а) had made Bonnie think. At some point Veronica had believed Bonnie was still a threat, so why not give the girl reason to be threatened.
Bonnie entered the cabin, expecting Caroline to follow. When she didn’t Bonnie turned around. “What are Ты waiting for? Get in here”
Caroline pursed her lips. “Yeah” she сказал(-а) hesitant. “Damon told me what happened when he got in there, so, eh, I think I’m going to pass”
Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous” she reproached...
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Lindsay Lohan heeft zich zondagavond gemeld bij een gevangenis in Lynwood in de Amerikaanse staat Californië. De 25-jarige actrice zal daar haar onlangs opgelegde gevangenisstraf фургон, ван dertig dagen uitzitten.

Lohan kan echter binnen enkele uren weer op vrije voeten zijn, schrijft de Amerikaanse entertainmentwebsite TMZ. Het complex kampt namelijk met een cellentekort. Als de actrice weer vrijkomt, moet ze zich aan een strikt schema houden. Zo moet ze tot maart elke maand voor de rechter verschijnen om de voortgang фургон, ван haar nog openstaande taakstraf en sessies bij een psychiater te bespreken.
Lohan werd woensdag veroordeeld tot dertig dagen cel omdat ze zich niet aan de voorwaarden фургон, ван haar proeftijd hield, een terugkerend probleem voor de actrice sinds 2007. Toen begon de ellende voor haar, nadat ze twee keer werd opgepakt wegens rijden onder invloed. (Belga / KAV)
The Salvatore Boarding House
Stefan was sitting in the диван, мягкий уголок between two young women.
“You want to hear a secret?”
The women stared at him as if he was a god and they nodded.
“I’m actually not supposed to be here” Stefan said. “I’m supposed to go find my girlfriend who’s hooking up with my brother. But truth is, I’m emotionally too damaged to function right now. I have to recharge first”

He looked from one girl to the other. “So, what’s the deal with Ты two? You’re some hot lesbian couple?”
“No, we’re friends” the woman on Stefan’s right side said.
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In zijn nieuwe memoires vertelt de voormalige Backstreet Boys-zanger Nick Carter dat hij nog steeds moet leven met de gevolgen фургон, ван zijn vroeger drugs- en alcoholgebruik. "Ik heb er een depressie aan overgehouden", getuigt hij. Voor Carter is het alweer zes jaar geleden sinds zijn laatste drugs- en drankuitspatting. In zijn nieuwste autobiografie "Facing the Музыка and Living to Talk about It" beschrijft hij мотыга, мотыги hij op één nacht een dosis xtc, cocaïne en водка achterover sloeg. In het Amerikaanse magazine Touch vertelt hij dat hij er spijt фургон, ван heeft. "Dit had ik nooit moeten doen. Die drugs hebben iets kapot gemaakt in mijn hersenen, sindsdien heb ik last фургон, ван depressie." De zanger laat ook weten dat hij achteraf gezien beter geen relatie had kunnen beginnen met Paris Hilton. "Toen ik met haar samen was, deden we niets anders als feesten." (Belga / Belga)
Dat vindt de zangeres naar eigen zeggen "bevrijdend", zo deed ze uit de doeken in de talkshow фургон, ван de Amerikaanse comédienne Chelsea Handler. "Ik hou er niet фургон, ван om ondergoed te dragen. Ik wil altijd zo vrij mogelijk zijn. Dat is gewoon мотыга, мотыги ik ben", aldus Aguilera in Chelsea Lately.

De reden waarom de twee überhaupt over onderkleding praatten was omdat Aguilera alleen mee wilde doen als Chelsea in weinig verhullende kleding zou presenteren. Die eis stelde ze uit wraak om de grappen die Handler maakt over de gewaagde outfits фургон, ван de zangeres. Aguilera kon het pakje фургон, ван Handler wel waarderen. "Je ziet er sexy uit", reageerde ze. (Belga / DLA)
Meg took a bite from the waffle and frowned. “Did Ты put Шоколад in it?” she asked, looking up at Cas.
“Yeah, Anna told me Ты liked it as a human and since you’re human again…” Cas explained. “I wanted to do something nice for you”
“Hmm” Meg said, taking another bite from her waffle. “Seems to me that you’re trying to make up for something”
Cas bit his lip and sat down. He took Meg’s hand. “Yeah, I’ve been…quite a jerk to Ты yesterday. But…the pain…it was really bad” he tried to explain.
Meg pulled her hand away. “Yeah, I get it” she answered a...
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The Далее morning

Damon and Elena were lying asleep when someone rang the bell. Elena was fast asleep, so Damon sneaked out of постель, кровати and put on his pants from the день before.
“Hurry up, Damon. Ты don’t want her to bleed to death, do you?”
Damon groaned as he recognized Rebekah’s voice. He walked to the door and opened it and Katherine fell in his arms. She was bleeding from her neck and Damon looked up shocked at the blonde Original, who smirked at him.
“What happened to her?” Damon wanted to know.
“I happened” Elijah answered, stepping forward. “Can we come in?”
“No!” Damon сказал(-а) rude.
“I was merely being polite. Of course we can come in. This house is being hosted by vampires, whom cannot possible deny the admission to an Original. So, why don’t Ты step aside? We’ve got things to do, plans to make, wars to prepare” Elijah сказал(-а) as he walked past Damon.
“There has to be a way out of here” Dean сказал(-а) frustrated.
“You think we haven’t tried to find one?” Ellen fired back.
“Not hard enough” Dean snapped. He turned to Anna. “If a fallen Энджел who’s literally Остаться в живых his mind can zap himself out of here then why can’t Ты do something?”
Anna frowned her eyebrows. “You are not putting this on me” she сказал(-а) angry. “Crazy или not, Cas is a lot еще powerful than I am. But I don’t think Cas actually zapped himself out of here. I think someone brought him back to earth. We can’t all be daddy’s favorite” Anna finished with...
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Bonnie was still wide awake when she heard someone banging on the door. “Jeremy” she growled as if he was the last person she wanted to see right now. The scene earlier that день made her realize he would come inside anyway and she may as well save him the trouble of breaking in. “What are Ты doing here?” she asked short. She didn’t see her boyfriend was scared to death или that he was soaked and if she did, she definitely didn’t care. “I know Ты сказал(-а) Ты were going to fix this, but can Ты please hurry up a bit” Jeremy сказал(-а) agitated. He showed the holes in his arms. “They...
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I hate your Stephen Lynch shirts
and your Jurassic Park merchandise
I hate that I can’t talk to you
Without sounding like an imbecile (i know that doesn't rhyme)

I hate that you’re on my mind
Every секунда of everyday
I hate that I have to remind myself
I’d better stay away

I hate that when I go on Twitter
your tweets are the first ones that I see
I hate that when I talk to you
you never ever talk back to me

I hate that we have so much in common
but Ты will never want to know
I hate that I don’t exist to you
and that I have to go through this alone

I hate that I have to restrain myself
From reaching...
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Twilight took over the day. Bonnie was in Caroline’s room. She was lucky her friend had been so kind to offer her a place to stay now that her house was ruined. Bonnie had tried to call Elena, but the line had been busy all day. She just wanted a chance to say she was sorry, but she realized at this point it was too much to ask.
So when her phone rang and she saw it was Elena calling she hastily picked up. “Elena?”

“Bonnie, are Ты alone?”
“Yes” Bonnie said. “Elena, I’m so glad Ты called. I’ve tried to reach you, but Ты were busy. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. I just...
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Daphne parked her car at 309 Jerry улица, уличный Suite 202. She and Zoey, who was carrying the box, stepped out of the car and walked towards a building with the name ‘Hope’s Promise’ on it. As they were walking an older woman came their way.
“Daphne, how lovely it is to see Ты again. The children have missed you” she сказал(-а) and she lay her hand on Daphne’s cheek.
“Not as much as I missed them” Daphne smiled.
“Zoey, how are you, my dear?” the woman asked, taking Zoey’s hands in hers.
“Oh, well Ты know, trying to save my soul from eternal doom” Zoey replied sarcastic.
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Cas was standing in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. He looked very pale and his body felt like it was on fire. His hands had started itching again and this time Cas couldn’t take it anymore. He opened the mirror cupboard and took the scissors. He tried to open it, but the bandage was too tick and inconvenient to even hold it for five seconds.
He brought his right hand to his mouth and his teeth chewed the bandage. He unwounded the bandage with his teeth and when his hand was free, he used it to take the bandage off his left hand. He threw the bandage on the floor and looked at his scarred...
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Katherine was sitting on Caroline’s bed, a blood bag in her hand. Her stomach was healed and she was wearing one of Caroline’s tops. When she had finished the bag she gave it back to Caroline.
“Thank you” she said, though it took her quite some effort. They heard a car park. “I think your mother’s home”
Liz had been working really late. Caroline walked to the window and shoved the curtains.
“No, it’s not mom” she rotated her head to the bed. “It’s Matt”
Katherine nodded and got up. “Yeah, I need to go Главная anyway”

“No, Ты can stay” Caroline said. “I’ll...
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“I think we should go” Damon said, looking at the clock. It was eleven p.m. “Okay, I’ll just go refresh myself and then we can leave” Elena said. She got up and walked to a red door Далее to the desk. To get there she had to pass the таблица were tattoo-guy and companions were still sitting. She felt her сердце beating faster and she got sweaty palms. But they didn’t look up and she reached the bathroom without a problem. When she closed the door behind her she dared to breathe again. There were two doors opposite of each other. One сказал(-а) men, the other women. She opened the women’s...
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Bonnie pushed Damon over the porch into her house. He walked ahead to the kitchen, Bonnie behind him. He turned around and saw the furious expression on her face. In other circumstances he would’ve made a sarcastic comment, but the way things were now, Damon knew the best thing was to keep his mouth shut. “I thought we had an agreement” she сказал(-а) slowly and threatening while she came closer to Damon. “You wouldn’t drink any human blood” she continued. Damon frowned his eyebrows frustrated. “You сказал(-а) that, I never сказал(-а) I agreed” Bonnie widened her eyes and Damon wouldn’t have...
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A large bag of chips, a two liter bottle of cola and a television. еще did one not need to get over a heartbreak, right? He let himself fall in the диван, мягкий уголок and grabbed the remote controller.
He pushed a button and the Simpsons came on. Homer Simpson was strangling Bart Simpson. “Ha, don’t Ты just Любовь a classic?” Jeremy looked aside and saw Anna lying Далее to him, her feet comfortably on the coffee table. She put her hand in the bag and took some chips. “I hope Ты don’t mind. Paprika are my favorite” she сказал(-а) and she put the chips in her mouth.
“Is this your new strategy?...
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Everytime I look into your eyes
I can't stop thinking of all your lies
And though I try so hard not to remember
I can't save myself from breaking up inside

I know Ты didn't mean it that way
I know Ты didn't wanna betray
But that's not gonna stop my eyes filling them with tears
I know you're sorry somehow
But it's just too late now
And all I want is leave this mess behind with all my fears

Everytime I see Ты at school
I wonder how I could be such a fool
And though I try so hard just to forget it
I can't ignore the fact that you've hurt me so

I know Ты didn't mean it that way
I know Ты didn't wanna betray...
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Daphne parked her car on the drive and stepped out, with a bag in her hand. She walked to the house, inserted the key in the lock and pushed the door open. She walked inside and closed the door.
“Emmanuel, I’m home!” she shouted. She took her куртка off and hung it on the пальто rack. Then she walked further to the кухня and let the bag slip out of her hands.
Someone had been in their house and rearranged it with new furniture and someone had cleaned up the mess.
Daphne was furious. She had дана Cas the straight order of fixing everything. This would cost a fortune and they did not have...
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