Hannah Montana: The Movie To all the haters

LisaForde posted on Sep 15, 2009 at 03:29PM
Give this film a chance , Its actually quite good to be honest . Miley Cryus was funny yet her accent is so annoying jezz.

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Больше года MCcantbetamed said…
HER ACCENT IS CUTE ON HER WAT THE HECK R U TALKIN' BOUT'????????!!!!!! hannah the movie is SO AWESOME and i brought it in 2 watch in my class and everyone was covering their ears and not paying attention exept 4 me and my bff!!!!! i mean if u actually watch it it is SOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!! PEACE TO MILEY and if u love Miley then become a fan pleeze!!!!! SUPPORT MILEY xoxo!!!!!WE LOVE U MILES!!!xoxo
Больше года LisaForde said…
I do love this movie