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posted by TAIKAMODO
Matt dashed forwards,running down the улица, уличный as people looked at him oddly."So many poke'mon iv'e never seen before!This is so cool!"He shouted,running around."It's amazing...how big this world is....there's always something Ты haven't seen yet,huh..."He сказал(-а) aloud,the Eevee on his shoulder looking just as excited as him."Hey Eevee,you pumped?"

Eevee responded like a pokemon does,by shouting in it's poke'voice.I thought so!Now,where'd the others go?We were all together on the ship..."They'd taken a large,cruise ship to Haron.Matt сказал(-а) that a plane would be less connected,and a ship would feel еще like a voyage,and the others eventually agreed.

"I hope they didn't get Остаться в живых или something,because i don't know much about how to get around myself."He сказал(-а) to Eevee.He was still walking when he bumped into a boy with white hair."ow!Uh,sorry man,i guess i wasn't paying att~"He was cut off by the boy shoving him.

"Watch where you're going,or Ты might get hurt."He сказал(-а) coldly.Matt felt a shiver go down his spine,and he saw a weird aura,which it seemed only he could see,surround the boy.The same Aura which had surrounded him.

"Who.....is he?"Matt сказал(-а) quietly,as he started walking again.