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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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Больше года mooimafish17 said…
toast/ giant squid?

that girl, LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!
Больше года lucius_malloy said…
Exactly :D needless to say, we had an extremely hilarious lesson after that :DD
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
Больше года GemonkDruid said…
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
its night time here GD, but, yh....morning all
Больше года lucius_malloy said…
morning GD :)
and moo, it's like 2O past seven there, right? I wouldn't call that night-time :DD
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
hehe, im tired and its dark!
lol, ive been showing an American friend of a friend around London and im dead!
Больше года lucius_malloy said…
I've been laughing a lot today :DD
and if you think it's dark, come to bloody Finland.
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
dark for 6 months of the year? how far north are you?
Больше года lucius_malloy said…
level with the really north tip of scotland :D
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
oh, not so far up :)

does it get dark quick?
Больше года lucius_malloy said…
really far up. level with greenland, for merlin's sake :P
and yeah - this time year, round five or so, but from the end of november till the middle of february or so, we're lucky to get around six hours of daylight.
Больше года mooimafish17 said…

does it go below freezing much?
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Больше года lucius_malloy said…
same time period, I'd go with permanently below, averaging at... -7? I dunno. Right now it's dancing around +3 or so.
Больше года lucius_malloy said…
good night, people who have never experienced a truly dark
winter :D
Больше года FredWRules said…
Nah, my winters are always bright and cold and annoying. And they were wet. :(
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
hi guys :)
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
hi best hi andie
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
hi moo :D
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
hows life?
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Больше года harrypotterbest said…
same as usual :\
for you?
Больше года LifesGoodx3 said…
Hey. Lifes good for me. :D

It has to be. My user name says it is.
Больше года FredWRules said…
I'm in english. I've finished what we're supposed to do, and it's a double. the first period hasn't even finished yet. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhh­hhh­hhh­hhh­h.
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
Lol yeah it does
Больше года FredWRules said…
big smile
oh, and thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday <3
I got a new ipod :D
Больше года FredWRules said…
big smile
AND EMMA (zegingerninja) MADE ME A WAND.
AND $200.
Больше года FredWRules said…
big smile
BAHAHAHAHA just read the page of when I was the only one there. go to page 393 :D
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
Maybe later.
Больше года FredWRules said…
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
Больше года LifesGoodx3 said…
Wouldn't it take a long time to get back to page 393..?
Больше года FredWRules said…
noooooooo in the url bar where it says 630 (btw, NEW PAGE)just change it to 393. haha every time my teacher comes near, I just switch to my finished work and just scroll up and down as if I'm checking things. he totally fell for it XD
Больше года emilyroxx said…
Lol, I do that too.

Hehe, I ate Potato for dinner. xD
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
u ate The Potato???
Больше года FredWRules said…
Больше года FredWRules said…
hahah, just realized that we have 601 more pages than the 1000 reasons why twilight is better forum.
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
Больше года FredWRules said…
yup. siriusly.
Больше года FredWRules said…
I haz to go nao, coz the bells about to ring.
BAI!!!!! *waves*
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
Bye! *waves*
Больше года pottersgirl15 said…
you guys r soo awesome! I've spent the last 2 days reading this whole thing xD give or take a few pages xD this is why i love HP so much, its this whole community feel of it! <3 i completly gree with what everyones said, and i admit i was a twilight fan for a very dark year and a half when i was 12 and 13 but i always put hp above it and now im ashamed that i even read the books! anyways i'd love to take with fellow harry fans!
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
To our newbies - welcome! To our old hands - welcome back!
Screwed that Dumbledore OotP speech, I know.

Больше года LifesGoodx3 said…
Umm. I kind of remember that speech. But only a little.

@pottersgirl15: Hi! I used to be a Twilight fan too. They were dark times, there is no denying. Hehe.
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
Yes, very dark times indeed.
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
‘Draco.’ I looked up, happiness in my eyes.
‘It’s perfect,’ I breathed, not wanting to wake the baby that lay sound asleep in my arms. ‘Draco Malfoy.’ I grinned, feeling much happier then lately.
‘Draco Malfoy.’ Lucius smiled again.
‘Perfect,’ I repeated again, handing Draco to Lucius.
‘Where is he??? Where is the child??? The heir of the Malfoy family???’ The heir of the Malfoy family. The words I had been dreading.
‘He’s right in here,’ said Lucius smoothly, leading in his parents.
‘Oh, he is absolutely wonderful,’ exclaimed Mrs. Malfoy immediately.
‘Yes, he is the perfect heir!’ said Lucius’s father.
‘What is his name?’
‘Draco,’ I smiled, looking at my son. ‘Draco Malfoy.’
‘Oh very well then, now sorry Cissy’ Narcissa felt a twinge of annoyance ‘but we have to dash.’
‘Alright,’ said Lucius, as his parents left. I felt a bit drained, even though the visit was only a few minutes. He quietly shut the door.
‘What is it Narcissa?’
‘Nothing Lucius dear.’
He smirked. ‘Maybe I know you too well, but you are a terrible liar.’
I rolled my eyes, smiling. ‘I’ll go with you know me too well.’ I gently lay Draco down in his cot. Lucius put his arm around me.
‘He is going to be a proud Slytherin!’ said Lucius.
‘Don’t push him into it!’ I snapped. ‘I mean, let him choose for himself.’
‘Alright Cissy.’ He kissed Draco’s forehead. A happy sense of family came over me at that moment. ‘He better not be in Gryffindor,’ growled Lucius.
‘Lucius,’ I laughed, half amused, half exasperated.
‘Hang on, hang on,’ said Lucius, grinning. ‘But I’ll love you forever. Cheesy enough?’
I laughed. ‘Yes,’ I declared.
Lucius smiled again. ‘Oh Cissy,’ he sighed, and kissed me. ‘I love you.’
‘Even better,’ I grinned. He kissed me again, and I moved forward – only to be broken apart by Draco’s crying.
‘Only a few days old and already a nuisance,’ muttered Lucius. I snorted.
‘A nuisance, huh?’ I said as I attended to Draco. Lucius grinned sheepishly from behind me; I saw him through the mirror.
‘Well, he is keeping me away from you, and you know how much I hate that,’ he said, crossing over to me and stroking my cheek. I closed my eyes at his touch.
‘Don’t get too annoyed with him, Lucius, he’s only a child.’
Lucius sighed. ‘But you have to make up for it,’ he reminded me.
‘My pleasure.’
Finished with Draco, I lay him back down – he was thankfully sleeping now – and turned to Lucius. ‘Unfinished business?’ He smirked.

It's short, I know, but constructive criticism?
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
My plan -

Lucius’s final year at Hogwarts - In-progress; Cissy
Narcissa’s final year - Cissy
Bella Wedding - Cissy
One month before wedding (N = 18, L = 19) - Lucius
Cissy and Luce’s wedding - Cissy
Andromeda’s betrayal - Cissy (and sometimes Bella)
Year after wedding - Complete; Narrator
Becoming a Death Eater - Lucius
Draco - Cissy
Draco’s first year - Narrator
Fight in Flourish and Botts (Draco’s second year) - Lucius
Quidditch World Cup (Draco’s 4 year) - Narrator
Lucius’s trial (end of Draco’s fifth year) - Complete; Narrator
Diagon Alley meeting (Beginning of 6) - Cissy
(Battle of Hogwarts)
In the shack with Voldemort - Lucius
Narcissa meets up with Bella as Bella kills Tonks - Cissy
Narcissa saves Harry - Cissy
Narcissa + Lucius look for their son - Narrator
Battle over; Narcissa + Andromeda reunited - Narrator
Astoria Greengrass - Draco (sometimes Cissy and Luce)
Draco’s wedding - Cissy
Socrpius (2 years later) - Narrator
Family again - Narrator

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Больше года pottersgirl15 said…
haha thanks for the welcome guys xD (nice DHp1 ref xD )
indeed they were dark times i cant believe i fell victim to that and like looking back im so glad i was 6 when i read hp, i always looked up to Hermione and the other strong female characters, could you imagine if I grew up on Twilight!? *shudders*
anyways what are you guys planing for the movie release also what part are you looking forward to the most? haha i know pretty lame basic questions but still im interested :P
Больше года lucius_malloy said…
hey newbie, morning all :)
I'm tired -_- which is illogical, seeing as I slept an entire seven hours last night - oh, wait...
Больше года GemonkDruid said…
Hey newbie!!!!
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
hi 15 (thats what im calling the newbie)

morning all :D