Гарри Поттер против Сумерек 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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Больше года mooimafish17 said…
^^ Thats really sweet and im glad you felt like you could say it - i hope your happier now :)
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
2474. There is no book called "twilight and the meaning of life." There is a book called "Harry Potter and the Meaning of Life." I'm completely serious.
Больше года EyesPOP said…
big smile
2478: Twilight will never win an Oscar and Harry Potter has or will and after watching the new trailer It is going to rip Twilight APART
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
Wait, wouldn't that be 2475?
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
2476: Michael Sheen only did Twilight because his youngest is obsessed with it and wanted her daddy to be part of it (cute story in my opinion). He is a great actor but Gambon (Dumbledoor) took the role because he loves the books. Both are very good and distinguished actors in there own right, however for a script to attract Gambon - its got to be good! :) This makes (in my opinion) the films of a higher class - ive already mentioned some of the other great names to appear in it.
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
2477. Harry Potter isn't sexist at all, some people may say it is, but it isn't. Twilight is super sexist.
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
2478. This is a link to lessons you learn in twilight. link

a link for lessons in HP from dumbledore. link
Больше года grainne93 said…
saw the trailer this morning. Rupert Grint is amazing in it, so moving. i can't wait until november.
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Больше года souflizzle317 said…
@mooimafish17, Richard Harris took the role of Dumbledore because his granddaughter told him too :) I think it's really cute so basically, he was going to turn down the role but then his granddaughter (who loved the books) told him that if he didn't do it, she would never speak to him again. So he decided to do it for his granddaughter :) And then he died ): Cute story with a sad ending

Can someone please post a link of Kristen Stewart's speech? I really want to see how horrible it was and I'm too lazy to youtube it :) And I'm about to look back at the other pages for a link to the Deathly Hallows trailer but I'm not sure if there was one there so can someone post a link to that too? I've tried finding it on youtube but I keep getting fan videos...
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
^I'm going to try and find it.... OFF TO YOUTUBE. And mtv.com and various ... PerezHilton.com? Be right back guys.
Больше года FredWRules said…
2479: Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something please,
Wether we be old and bald,
Or young with scabby knees,
Our heads could do with filling,
With some interesting stuff,
For now they’re bare and full of air,
Dead flies and bits of fluff,
So teach us things worth knowing,
Bring back what we’ve forgot,
Just do your best, we’ll do the rest,
And learn until our brains all rot.
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
souflizzle317: i did not know that - shall we call that point a draw as it is such a cute story!!!
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
mooimafish17: sure, I think it's only fair to the Twilighters if that one's a draw :) Although I'm going to add one to make up for it:

2479 (because one of the reasons now is a draw and doesn't count): Twilight actors got replaced (or were considered being replaced) for reasons such as having another commitment that would take a week, or not being buff enough. The only time a Harry Potter actor was ever replaced was when Richard Harris died and so clearly, they needed a new actor for Dumbledore.
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
ok soulfizzle217, if you go to youtube.com and look up the RPattz and Kstew kiss then the better quality one has a link where you can download the whole show. Thats as good as i can do... sorry.
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
@ LoveforSeverus: haha okay, thanks :) I can try and find the Deathly Hallows trailer again
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
2480. The twilight part of this has 19 pages. We have 85. (20 more)
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
^ 20 more? I would say that 85 is 66 more than 19....
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
Yeah, when we get back to Hogwarts, you might wanna take Arithmancy.
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
Oops, I'm srry it's late and I'm tired. Ur right I'm wrong
Больше года hogwarts62442 said…
2481.The Harry Potter movies are better made than the Twilight movies.
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
2482. Bella is "smart" yet Edward needs to pull a bunch of strings to get her into college and she has no intelligent ideas about her future and her career etc. Hermione is a friggin genius and she *still* tries to learn more (Hello time-turner in 3rd year?) and she ends up creating equality for all creatures in the wizarding world and is a part of the Magical Law Enforcement in the Ministry, continuing to use her intelligence and passion to keep equality between humans (pureblood vs Muggle-born) and species (humans vs goblins for example)

2483. Who the hell could have thought of the snitch opening the way it did and revealing the Resurrection Stone? JKR obviously had that planned from the beginning of the book (at least) because she had the clue "I open at the close" from the beginning, and that ended up meaning death. The Deathly Hallows are creative enough, but then she had to think up the hidden place in the snitch and the complicated way the Elder Wand switched owners (it became Draco's in HBP, not Severus's) and how that worked against Voldemort in the end. Basically, this is just saying that JKR somehow makes every little piece of her magical and creative puzzle fit together in a way that most authors would be unable to do without having a plot hole *somewhere*.

2484. Umbridge vs. Irina
Wow. This is crazy. I decided to do a comparison of a character from each series that was technically on the side of good, but in a bad way. And it took me so long to find one in Twilight, and even now, Irina is a pretty pathetic example. This just goes to show that Smeyer made her characters either all good and perfect, or all evil, which is unrealistic and boring. Anyway, Irina is supposedly good but then she tells the Volturi about Renesmee. Whoop di doo. Moving on. Umbridge is this insane psycho bitch who works for the Ministry and wants to bring down Voldemort, but she rounds up Muggle-borns to strip them of their wands and she is a terrible, evil, twisted woman. I have to admit, I don't think many people like her like they might love a Death Eater such as Bellatrix or Voldemort, but she's such an interesting example of how someone can have good *and* bad in them at the same time. Irina, or any character in Twilight for that matter, just can't measure up.
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
^I feel the same way about either "perfect" or "evil". Because here's the thing: JKR has made each of her characters so interesting that we LIKE the bad guys. For example, I LOVE Bellatrix Lestrange. I mean, I hate what she's done (murders, tortures, etc) but as a person, I find her just like me. Crazy and awe-struck most of the time. I love it.

But in Twilight, no one will sympathize with James or the Valutari because her characters suck. The only "evil" one we understand even a little bit is Victoria (We get that she's after Bella because of James but that's it)
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
2485. SM ruined antis that live in Forks lives. They will never get any rest now.
Больше года tournesol said…
2486.- INSECURITY. In both series, we have very insecure characters, but the way they work with it is very different.
In Twilight, Bella's insecure is always making her feel like she is not enough for her "perfect" Edward. She is insecure beacuse of her image, and in almost every way in her life. All the books, she is convice that she is gonna be enough when she become a vampire. Her Friends and the people who loved her didn't help her with it, vampires were always making feel inferior. And she got over her insecure just when she became "better". She never really work with it, she never learned to be secure.
Harry Potter's insecure character clearly is Ron. His insecure made him fall in to a lot of problems with his friends. Jk shows us why he is like that, he had lived in the shadows of his brothers's personalities, and hi is the best friend of one of the famoust magician in the world. He had the motives. But he change, hardly, and it cost a lot of time and bad experiences, but he change at the end. He grew up, became secure, but not just for being "better", but for being better person, maturer and with personality. His insecurity were bothering him till the end, but he get over it.
So, while SMeyer is showing us that Bella is secure just when she is "Better", Jk tries to tell us that you don't need to be "better" to be secure... you can be it just being yourself with a little more than trust in yourself.
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
^ that was kind of confusing, but I get what you're saying and I love it :) I've never really thought about it that way...
Больше года tournesol said…
sorry!! i really try! but it's difficult to me!! express myself in a language i don't dominate.
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
^^ I compleTely agree

2487. I have seen multiple posts on hatepost abou twilight. None so far about HP.
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
^I agree with the "security" reason.

2488. Smeyer rapes science. She uses science to explain a lot of things such as chromosomes. News-flash, what she said was so incorrect it's almost hard to believe she graduated college. I don't feel like going into it but since she DID use the "science" option, anti's have used Physics to explain how the scene with Tyler's Van is impossible. They would've been killed.
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
^^ the chromosomes one is funny - Basically the sprog should of been born with down syndrome (because vamps have an extra chromosome)

Expanding on the security point - Love healed Ron and made him come back - he can back coz Harry was his best friend and he came back because he loved Hermione. Love made his better - not some insecure emo who THEN became insecure about her looks when before she didnt care (not massively)

Is that a separate reason - i duuno - tournesol pick please it was your point originally
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
^ I think that should count as separate because it started going into the love and appearance area...but it's tournesol's choice so let us know :)

2489 or 2490. Twilight fans turn on each other when they don't support the same thing (Edward vs Jacob, for example). HP fans get together to discuss it rationally (usually) and talk about why they disagree. For example, I have two friends who loved Twilight (they don't anymore, thank god) and one liked Jacob and the other liked Edward, so they didn't speak for three days. On the other hand, before Deathly Hallows came out, I would debate calmly with one of my friends why I thought Snape was really on the side of good, when she thought he was a true Death Eater. I know it's a generalization, and not all fans are like this for either series, but for the most part, Twilighters refuse to see reason why other Twilighters don't agree with them while HP fans love to discuss and hear other opinions.
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
^^ this is true and kinda supports the stereotypical idea that harry potter fans are smarter.

Can you guys confurm a rumour for me - is it true SM went to Harvard and left with a (sorry i dont know the American grading sysem) but a good grade in English from that collage.
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
^^ that is false. She didn't even go to harvard. She went to brigham and got a bachelors degree.
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
British girl here - translations needed - Bachelors, is that like a 2-1 or something?
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
^ummmm.... Isn't Bachelors like the first level. Like we have levels of degrees and I think Bachelors only takes 2 years to get. I could be stupid and have no idea whatsoever but...
Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
^^ about 4 years, give or take.
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
^Oh... 4 years to get then. I'm stupid.
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
so the end results is not a very good degree?
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
It's not the BEST degree but you'll be able to get a job.
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
I feel normal now! My friend finally got an account!
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
^^ lol - introduce her
Больше года DracoLuver said…
I joined esp. for this. Okay, reason number

This may have been mentioned before (sorry if it has) but i hate how Twilight fans compare Carlisle (sp?) and Dumbledore.

"He'z a doc. tho!!! He iz so smart!"

Yeah, we KNOW he's a doctor, so many people are. I respect them, considering i'm planning on becoming one, but we should compare their education. Carlisle has gone through patients for about 400 years. It doesn't take a genius to become good at something when their given that much time. Along with the Cullens. So what if they've passed so many times? Learning and memorizing are two different things.
Dumbldore, in all 116 years of his life, has gone through so many emotional struggles and feats. His mom and sister died, and his father died in Azkaban protecting his sister. He was blinded by love, so he was unaware of what he was doing when he was helping Grindlewald, and then later faced the consequences. He defeated him many years later, when Grindle had already killed so many people and everyone was afraid of him. He was also offered a job as the minister of magic, and he won many awards.
Dumbldedore is such a better 'mentor' since he made mistakes, which makes him human. He knows how Harry feels, without a mom or dad supporting him. If Alice lost control in front of people, would Carlisle know what to do? NO, since he's so effing perfect.


Yes, the characters do make mistakes in HP, but they get punished for them, or realize what they did. For example, when Ron backed out on Harry in the 7th book, he realized he was acting stupid and was highly stressed and he came back. When Harry needs to learn Occlumency, he doesn't, which *sobs* results to Sirius death. But in Twilight, Edward is abusive. Does anyone get mad at him for that? NO. Jacob imprinted on an infant. Bella got mad at him for like what, a page, before deciding it was okey dokey. What is this teaching younger kids?


This also may have been mentioned before, but J.K shows more emotion through her characters. When Sirius dies, she explains vividly how sad Harry feels, and how crazy and angry he gets that he uses an unforgivable curse. That just shows way more emotion then when Edward left Bella. I mean, she's known him for 4 months. And Stephenie over-exaggerates at that part too. Like "I won't ever hear his sweet angelic voice again.." or something like that, it's so annoying.

I think I'm done for now, haha.
Больше года DracoLuver said…
big smile
This isn't a reason, but i thought i should add it. (:
Summary of Twilight:

Edward: She smells good. (..)
Bella: OMG, I only know you for like two weeks, but I'm in looove with you!
Edward: Me too! I'm a vampire and i can kill you ..
Bella: SOO?
Edward: Oh no, you were stupid enough to get a paper-cut, i have to go.
Bella: NOOO! Wait, Jacob's hot, isn't he?
Jacob: Bella, i told you he wasn't right for you!
Bella: Um, yeah, ha-ha. Um, can we go cliff-diving?
Jacob: Sure.

*on cliff*
Bella: I'm coming to youu, eddykins!
Jacob: I'll save youuu!
Alice: OMG your alive? Edward totally gave up on your existence and is gonna sparkle for people.
Bella: WHAT?! He only sparkles for ME.
Edward: Thanks for saving me, even if i was never in any danger since i was a wimp.
Bella: Oh eddykins!!
Jacob: Heyy, you forgot about me? There's gonna be a battle, so i'm gonna fight ..
Edward: Stay home, Bella. Considering i'm the only one who can make decisions.
Bella: Noo! I wanna freeze to death. And Jacob, your a dog! Your gonna die!
Edward: Whatever.
Jacob: So what?
Bella: OMG, but i luverz you!
Jacob: Okay.
*in fight*
Bella: Cool, there dancing.
Edward: She's dead. Are you afraid ....
Bella: You be-headed a vampire, and burned her head with firewood that magically appeared, 'course not!

I haven't read Book 4, so i'll just add a bit of it.

Bella: OMG, they keeep staring at me! Like, i have an awesome car, why should they stare!! Eddy, can we have a kid even if i know i'll die.
Edward: Sureeeee
Jacob: I love your kid!
Bella: WHAT! Waitt, you'll back-off then, okay Jacob. You can be a pedophile.

And they lived happily ever after. The End ... what an emotional story *fake teardrop*

Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
2494. Even in the epilogue, JK kept us guessing ( I thought Luna and Neville would marry.) SM didn't surprise me at all at the end.
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
Great reasons DracoLuver :D

We are so close people - well done!!!
last edited Больше года
Больше года DracoLuver said…
Haha, thanks mooimafish17

Ooo, i found another one!

It doesn't make sense, Bella spent 200+ pages describing how perfect the Cullens are, but whenever they fight (new borns, volturi, etc .. ) she gets worried. So like, their perfect, but not enough to fight back for what they believe in? They don't seem like heroes to me. Their very cruel too. In the 3rd book, they were so excited in fighting the new borns. Did they ever think "Oh, it's not their fault. Maybe we should try making them good." That's what a GOOD family would say not, "I haven't fought in forever. It's gonna be so much fun killing helpless new borns!" .. So, yeah. That's like a rant, so maybe we should compare it to Harry Potter. The Death Eaters SHOULDN'T be forgiven since they are/were more evil, so that would make perfect sense to suspect them. Bringing me to another reason .. (note: this may have been repeated.)

How can you classify the Volturi as evil? If your evil, you do NOT care about your reputation unless your leader falls and you don't wanna go to Azkaban. Anyway, they just sit around all day doing nothing. Don't people ever ask "Why don't they come out?" .. Jeesh. And they talk it out in BD or so I've heard. This isn't a reality show, Stephenie! They should fight and die for what they believe in. It would make it so much better, but she doesn't wanna kill anyone off. The Death Eaters get things done. If they are assigned to kill, they will do it. Killing=Fun .. that's pretty scary but cool at the same time. (Although I'm mad at Bellatrix and GreyBack and the other two death-eaters who were their when Dumbledore died. He was my fave. R.I.P)

Stupidity. Stephenie is so stupid. They keep written records of people. Even if i were to go to Texas, and change my name, they would still know who i am by tracking me. Yes, that is possible for the government. If they, for some reason, looked up Edward Cullen, then i'm sure the Cullens would be questioned ..

The difference between selfish and selfless. Bella is described to be so caring, and selfless. How? In the 4th book, she doesn't really care for the kid. All she was thinking was "I hope this kid makes me die, so then i can be transformed!" .. Compare that to Harry, who saves the whole wizarding world, including the whole world, from the darkest wizard of all time. He didn't even know what he was doing, and was confused most of the time. He sacrificed himself. And hypothetically speaking, he was 2years younger then Bella in the 7th book. Woow. And also, many twilight people are like 'She saved her mom from James.' There's a difference between stupidity, and bravery. James can't look through walls right? .. She could have told the Cullens to follow her, and wait outside, so then if he tried hurting her, they would be there. I know she was stressed out, but really? And why would she go to Phoenix!?! It's like she wanted James to find out where she was. She could have gone to China, and come back like a month later after the Cullens got rid of him. >.>
Больше года emlincr said…
^^Very good reasons!
And I'll add on to reason 2498. Another evidence that shows Stephenie Meyer really doesn't thinks things through really well is when James was on the phone with Bella. Okay, so the vampires are described to have like super sonic hearing (not really, but close) well wouldn't Jasper or Alice have heard James's voice coming from the phone and realized it wasn't Bella's mom??? Good job SMeyer! Oh, and here's another example just from the first book, Twilight. When Bella goes into the bathroom with the 2 exits to confuse Jasper to get to the ballet studio, SMeyer just made the vampires look like dumbasses even though she's spent the whole book saying how smart and perfect they were. Okay, even if Bella made it out of the airport, it wouldn't take Alice and Jasper long to notice that Bella's ran away, when they figure that out, they could smell her easily since she smells so "unique." And they could've gotten to her looooonnggg before Bella got to the ballet studio. Plot holes, plot holes, plot holes.
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
My friend Christine is HP4L (harry potter for life)

2499. Bella never cares for her kid. It's true she wanted Demon Child to be the reason why she changed to a vampire but didn't seem to worry if it would hurt the kid. Then when she's born, she yells at Jacob more for calling her "Nessie" than the fact that he imprinted on a newborn. "Old enough to pee, old enough for me". Then when they get their little house in the woods, Bella automatically puts Nessie for a nap and gets down with Edward. Hardly ever spends quality time with her child. But, based on her relationship with Edward, she doesn't need much quality time to be "irrevocably" in love with something.

2500. If you go by what Twilight SAYS, it really has no major villain. Alright so what Victoria/James wants to kill her but she spends 3/4 of all her books saying how perfect all 6 of them are so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the Cullens can kick Vicky's ass. But the Vultari? They're supposed to be the GOOD guys! Do you know how many times Edward says "They're good! They really are the good guys here". Alright, if they're so good why does Smeyer write them so that the fans hate them? Show, not tell... idiot.

Yay!!! 2500!
Больше года lauracullen66 said…
WELL DONE GUYS! 2500!! right now its 00.30 so im kinda tired but first thing in the morning im giving all the main contributors some props!! thanks for playing for so long, you guys are awesome :)
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
Can we please keep going guys? This is fun...
Больше года emlincr said…
of course lets go until fanpop shuts this forum down because we overload their site with too many posts lol which will never happen